Christ vs. Abortion

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Study: 44% of self-identified Christians in the U.S. believe the Bible is “ambiguous” on abortion

[And, some doctrinally orthodox “Christians” — including some  famous  ones — have  fallen  on their  proverbial  faces  for not realizing the obvious — that abortion is  supremely evil .]

[BTW, the two prominent “Christians” cited in those  three  linked  articles    Russel  Moore  and  John Piper  — now (since the 2020 election) have the blood of millions of innocent unborn children on their hands because they campaigned and voted for the  most  satanic pro-abortion  President  in U.S. history.]

Life vs. Death: The Most Christian-Defining Issue Of All

“[A]s far as we know, God’s first words about people were not, ‘Let us make man who will become a worthless sinner.’  Rather, He said, ‘Let us make man in our image‘ ( Gen. 1:26 ).  Most of us have heard this biblical theme before, but we seldom recognize how central it is in the Bible…  Why did the biblical authors focus so much on God’s image?  Simply put, God ordained a critical role for human beings in His plan for creation…  God told Noah not to tolerate murder ‘for God made man in his own image‘ ( Gen. 9:6 )…  Imperial Egypt had taught the Israelites a lie that every generation is prone to embrace, including our own: The lives of some people are valuable [while] Others… [including] unborn children simply don’t matter as much…  We easily treat them as worthless…  [But] Moses teaches us [directly from God that] Every human life is valuable because every human being is the royal image of God…  When we look closely at the Scriptures, we can see that God does not consider human beings worthless.  We are sinners, but also His image with a magnificent mission.  For this reason, we are to… protect those whom others [would] harm.

[Not surprisingly,  true Christians  have no trouble comprehending that obvious fact.  Those who waste their God-given breath arguing with Him against that obvious fact will  die in their sin .]


The Right to Life of Unborn Children is Now the Biggest Civil Rights, Social Justice Struggle of Our Time


No rights supersede the right to life…  There is no freedom of religion for dead babies.  No freedom of speech or assembly.  All God-given rights are based on the assumption that babies have a right to life.  [But] The dead enjoy no God-given rights.


Doctrine of Demons‘: New Film Exposes Satanic Inspiration for Abortion


It’s One Thing to Say You’re Pro-Life.  But Do You Vote Pro-Life?

… &

Pro-Life Fake “Christians” Say They Oppose Abortion But Will Vote for Pro-Abortion Presidential Candidates

… &

Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden‘ Are Deceived Liars
No One Can Be Pro-Life and Pro-Biden

[Or Pro-ANY-Democrat since the Democrat party platform — excerpted in that article — explicitly demands the nation-wide, unregulated “right” for mothers to murder their own unborn children.]


A civil war is coming to America.
Only this time it will be about abortion rather than slavery.

… &

Some people [who are convinced they are Christians] would be shocked and dismayed at the [biblical] claim that rejecting Jesus’s command by supporting abortion means they do not love Jesus and have [therefore] become apostates [i.e.  fake Christians ]…  The prime examples in this category are mainline denominations such as the  Episcopal Church Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) , and the  United Church of Christ .  Each of these denominations concluded that abortion is morally acceptable because they first rejected the Bible as their primary source of authority.  Their official sanctioning of abortion is a mere signpost that [they] are on a trajectory toward full apostasy…  If we are going to make the American church pro-life we need to correct ignorance [and] separate from apostasy [which Christians are commanded to do,  Mat 28:20 ].”


Many people claim to be pro-life but not nearly as many [vote] on their pro-life convictions.

… &

Christians Cannot be “Personally Opposed” to Abortion But Still Support Legal Abortions For Others
Abortion is murder and murder is the ultimate crime and epitome of evil.


Elections Don’t Matter?
Democrat Governors are Pushing Abortions Up to Birth and Infanticide


Those who avoid all political discussions and engagement are essentially casting a vote for the [ anti-Christian , liberal ] status quo.  American churches in the early 19th century that did not speak out against slavery because that was what we would now call ‘getting political’ were actually supporting slavery by doing so.  To not be political is to be political.

[Tim Keller, in that article, gets that point exactly right (as he has been on several  other  critical  points ).  Most of the rest of his essay following the above-qoted point, however, was glaringly erroneous, as he has been on  some  other  things  as well .]


I Am a Single Issue Voter: Child Mass Murder.
If You Claim To Be a Christian, You Should Be Too.

… &

Why the Supreme Court is the Most Important Issue for Christians


When You Vote, Remember How Democrats Even Opposed Protecting Babies Who Survive Abortions

… &

Why Christians Should NEVER Vote for Pro-Abortion Democrats


Yes, Legislation And Education Do Effectively Reduce Abortion Rates

[So why, then, don’t professing “Christians” vote for legislators who will outlaw abortion and participate in the education process (especially of their own children, but also of their friends and neighbors) about the  truths of abortion ?
Once Again: Because not all  professing  “Christians”  are  actual Christians .]



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