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Were Adam and Eve ‘Cavemen?’

[ASND thinks the question is a perfectly reasonable and fair one, except for the obvious fact that Eve was not a man. ASND also thinks, however, that much of what the article offered as “evidence” was neither. And none of it was scientific.]

[Readers interested in examining what ASND considers to be a broad spectrum of reasonable, fair, scientific and biblical evidence for the “personhood” of Adam and Eve are invited to spend some time studying the following resources.]


genetic material from Neanderthals still can be found in a piece of DNA (called a haplotype) in the human X chromosome — meaning [humans and neanderthals] clearly mated.”

[There are only “two sides” of the  Ape   Man  debate” ?   (See page 4 of that last linked document.) And “both” of those sides are simultaneously true?   How  can that  be  when “one” side (the same side which built the museum described above) claims that Neanderthals were actually human beings and the “other” side  cites   evidence   proving  that claim to have been  scientifically   falsified ?   (See page 7 in that last linked document.) ]

[ Nobody Important  is so confused.]


Don’t Genesis 1 and 2 present contradictory creation accounts?




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