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In Pentecostal churches throughout the U.S., messages in tongues on the decline


Angels and Demons

Pentecostalism is the world’s fastest growing religious movement. But in much of Africa, it’s fueling witch-hunts and the spread of HIV/AIDS


This year’s Easter service at the Tabernacle Church of God in La Follette, Tenn… [was] filled with shouting, dancing, speaking in tongues, serpent handling and fire handling…

[No word yet, at least that ASND could find, on whether thoseserpentswere poisonous or not.]


Serpent-handling pastor dies from rattlesnake bite

[ASND has not doubt that thatserpentwas poisonous.]

BTW, do you know that “pastor’s” father died about twenty years ago?

Wolford’s father, also a preacher, died from a rattlesnake bite during a service in 1983.


Hamblin and other handlers say the Bible tells people to obey the law.  So he wears a seat belt while driving, obeys the speed limit and files his taxes on time.  But he won’t give up serpent handling, which he says is a command from God — even though Tennessee outlawed it in 1947 after five people died of serpent bites at churches in two years…  The ban is rarely enforced, unless someone dies in a church.  Because most handlers like Hamblin catch their own snakes and keep them for months at a time, they’re also running afoul of other state laws.


Some evangelicals are being taught to pray in circles around the things they want.


Are We Charismatics Doing Enough to Correct Abuses in Our Midst?


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