Obamacare vs. The Free Market

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[health] inequality has declined dramatically [in the U.S.] over the past century [without Obamacare].  It has continued to decline even in the past 40 years, a period over which it is generally thought that income inequality has risen considerably.“



Other effective ways exist to ensure necessary health insurance coverage for more Americans that are less onerous, less unpopular, and less constitutionally questionable than an individual mandate.  They include extending protection against new medical underwriting because of changes in health status to those in the individual market if they maintain qualified, continuous insurance coverage, redistributing and prioritizing current insurance coverage subsidies, maintaining a backup system of safety-net protections, and improving the cost, quality, and value of health care.”



Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”



How the Free Market Can Cure Health Care



How Private Health Insurance Slashed the Uninsured Rate for Americans: Health Fact of the Week



Reforming the [health care insurance] system involves, first and foremost, encouraging people to buy insurance for themselves, by eliminating the tax-code discrimination against individually purchase health insurance.  Second, people should be able to buy insurance across state lines.  When individuals are buying their own policies, they will vote with their feet for policies that have fewer mandates and fewer problems with adverse selection.  Third, we should eliminate federal mandates that drive up insurance costs, especially in the individual market.  In addition, we should eliminate the barriers against long-term insurance contracts: (1) the ability of policyholders to terminate their coverage at will; and (2) policies that discourage the formation of multi-year insurance contracts.


[And all of those things are going to happen under which political philosophy, Mr. Roy?]


Many hospitals, doctors offer cash discount for medical bills The lowest price is usually available only if patients don’t use their health insurance.  In one case, blood tests that cost an insured patient $415 would have been $95 in cash.



A Health Care Contract with America

What follows is a short explanation of the core ideas posted at the Congressional Health Care Caucus and developed in greater detail in the book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis



The Conservative Case for ObamaCare.?



The future of free-market healthcare



Bumpy ride ahead for [health] insurance markets



Three Proactive Health Insurance Reforms for Texas




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