Obamacare Costs Before

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Healthcare costs started to plateau well before Obamacare began taking effect.  And the trend closely tracked the spread of consumer-directed health plans — high-deductible, patient-centric coverage options that give people control over their healthcare dollars and provide a direct financial incentive to conserve care and spend responsibly.  Unfortunately, Obamacare targets these cost-deflating health plans for extermination.



There are nine reasons for escalating health care costs.


[Those reasons, however, were written prior to Obamacare’s implementation.  ASND wonders what “reasons” will be offered by Obamacare’s supporters after it have been implemented.]


Actually, Health Care Costs Are Under Control



The Myth of Runaway Health Spending

The growth rate of national health expenditures has been declining for a decade, driven by better medical care and consumer choice.




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