Hypocrite Feminists

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… [liberals] don’t want their demagoguery to be distracted by the annoying reality that their own misogyny and assault on women is much more virulent, and has been going on for much longer.


[ASND wasn’t sure if that article belonged in the  Hypocrisy  or the  Feminism  Update, but it has been permanently archived on ASND’s Femicrites  page.]



The Left’s Appalling Silence on Global Savagery Against Women



Hey Democrats: Why Does Weiner Have To Go, but Bill Clinton Didn’t?



Top Democratic Women Dodge Tough Call on Weiner



Morally-Schizoid Liberal Women and Their Weiner Husbands



Why the Hypocrisy Defense is political suicide for liberalism




The idea that anyone should be at a permanent disadvantage because of factors beyond their control is anathema to modern liberalism.  But all of this makes the modern liberals’ ‘selective compassion’ toward the unborn ironic.”

http://www.christianpost.com/news/selective-compassion-disregarding-the-unborn-81196/print.htm [Ironic? ASND doesn’t have an Update category for “irony.”  Willful irony, however, has a name and it is shared with the name of this Update category.]


These are the same Democrats who screamed ‘keep your hands off our bodies’ over a Republican-sponsored law requiring women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound before letting the abortionist kill the baby.



Michigan Abortion Activists Oppose “Safe” Abortions



Abortion Advocate Gloria Steinem Condemns Violence

Is Gloria Steinem unaware that mothers [murder] approximately 3,500 unborn children in America every day?



… since single motherhood produces children six times more likely to live in poverty –- and 80 percent of long-term poverty occurs in single-parent homes -– the same class divide denounced by Democrats is the one they are simultaneously promoting.



The Democrat Party’s War On Women



Senate Democrats pay female staffers less than male staffers



“Bill [Clinton] did not have sexual relations with these women.



Lesbian college student ‘faked anti-gay notes left in her room’ that sparked rally against hate crimes



Women feminists today are an exact replica of male chauvinist pigs 30 years ago because women today think that men are not necessary.  They are the same as men 30 or 40 years ago saying that women were mindless ninnies.


[Yes, the author of that statement is a woman, who is also a former feminist.]



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