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Coming Apart: The Growing Cultural Divide

A new book offers surprising evidence of a cultural and religious decline in working class communities.


Murray makes a very convincing case… for the power of so-called ‘traditional values’ to foster human flourishing even in economic landscapes that aren’t as favorable to less-educated workers…


Single-parent families with children are almost six times more likely to be poor than are married couples. The higher poverty rate among single-mother families is due both to the lower education levels of the mothers and the lower income because of the absence of the fathers. Nearly three-quarters of families with children in the U.S. that are not poor are married couples. By contrast, 71 percent of all poor families with children are headed by single parents.


Sex & Childbearing Charts


Ten Myths about Sex Today

[ASND reminds readers that the primary author of the book in which these myths were exposed is a Ph.D. sociologist @ the University of Texas.  The data he cites, therefore, were peer-reviewed prior to their being published in refereed sociology journals.]


The Poison in Our Polity


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