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Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples


Are Same-Sex Couples Just Like You?


Most Homosexual Couples Aren’t Monogamous

[That, btw, published on the openly left-wing]


The mainstream media feed us lots of pretty pictures, but what is the mainstream homosexual culture really like?


The Big Homosexual Lie


A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent


The lifetime prevalence of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner was:

For women:

Lesbian         – 43.8%

Bisexual        – 61.1%

Heterosexual – 35.0%

The lifetime prevalence of severe physical violence by an intimate partner was:

For women:

Lesbian         – 29.4%

Bisexual        – 49.3%

Heterosexual – 23.6%

For men:

Homosexual  – 16.4%

Heterosexual – 13.9%


Intimate partner violence in men who have sex with men is linked to adverse health effects


The Reality and Roots of Homosexual-on-Homosexual Violence and ‘Homosexual Men’s Obsession with Sex,’ in One Homosexual Writer’s Words


Lesbian and [Homosexual] Young People in England Twice as Likely to Smoke and        Drink Alcohol


What if I were to tell you about [a lifestyle choice] which [like cigarette smoking] is also exceptionally dangerous? This activity leads to:

– A twenty-five to thirty-year decrease in life expectancy.

-Chronic, potentially fatal, liver disease—infectious hepatitis, which increases the risk of liver cancer.

-Inevitably fatal immune disease including associated cancers.

-Frequently fatal rectal cancer.

-Multiple bowel and other infectious diseases.

– A much higher than usual incidence of suicide.


Study debunks claim that high LGBT suicide rates are due to ‘homophobia’


… AFTAH has only skimmed the surface in exposing the tragic reality of the homosexual lifestyle.


Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do


San Francisco’s Homosexual Icon Larry Brinkin Guilty of Felony Child Porn Possession


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