Dept. of State

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A newly-released report on terrorism by Donald Trump’s State Department… completely distorts the situation in Israel and the Palestinian Authority…


Rex Tillerson and the State Department have repeatedly sabotaged President Trump’s stated foreign policy position related to the ongoing crisis between the Gulf states and Qatar over the latter’s sheltering and funding of terrorist groups operating in the region.


Palestinians not stopping ‘martyr’ payments, despite Rex Tillerson’s claim


Trump’s State Dept. trying to save Soros-funded Hungarian University

[And who, exactly, is George Soros? ]


Exxon fined for sanctions violations during Tillerson’s tenure


Trump’s SecState pick decorated by Vladimir Putin

[See, also, the Russia & Putin section on this page… ]


Tillerson’s Assault on Scouting


Tillerson helped make Boy Scouts go ‘gay’


Trump Retains LGBT State Department Official, Frustrating Christian Conservatives


“[In Tillerson] Mr. Trump appears to have picked someone in his own image: a tycoon and a deal-maker, a social liberal who succeeded in business.


Rex Tillerson’s Moral Indecision


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