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Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin was among several Republicans who slammed Trump for his comments before nearly 40,000 Boy Scouts at their annual National Jamboree…


Mr. President, your speech violated the Scout Law in more than one respect…          Consult with your wonderful vice president, Mike Pence, on the meaning of trustworthiness, loyalty, courtesy, cheerfulness, and reverence.



Report: President Trump’s Self-Approval Rating At All-Time High


There was no way to predict Trump would act like this in office…                                  except for everything he’d ever done his entire life.

[For several dozen references on Donald Trump’sentire life, see… ]


When it comes to how the presidency works, Trump is an amateur, a bumbler and, very often, his own worst enemy.


[Trump] craves respect more than almost anything else, and yet respect remains agonizingly elusive — in part because he takes everything too personally…  The presidency… promises to only heighten [his] sense of entitlement to respect and exacerbate his inevitable resentment when he doesn’t receive it.  So we’ll continue on divided, angry and untrusting…  Trump will be the third president in a row to promise to unite the country, and he will almost certainly be the third in a row to fail.


Not all negative media reports about the Trump administration are ‘fake news’ and the president’s endless trumpeting of half truths and lies about how well his administration is doing needs to be reported on and the record corrected.  Trump doesn’t want the press to report honestly.  He wants them to report on him positively.  In that respect, what difference is there between Trump’s need for adulation and the press’s desire to destroy him?   We’ve got a compulsive liar as a president and an unthinking, reflexively hostile media reporting on him.  We’re doomed.

[ASND hopes Mr. Moran would acknowledge his use of the word “doomed” was intentionally hyperbolic.  While similar attempts at prophesying apocalypses are common on the Internet (whence this article was gleaned), they are not common among respected writers thereon — which Mr. Moran usually is.]


Report: Trump Refused to Prepare Campaign for Sex Scandals


Trump Is America’s First Social Media President.  That’s Not A Good Thing


Mr. President, please stop the insults



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