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Trump Keeps Obama’s International LGBT Envoy Randy Berry – Promoting Homosexuality and Gender Confusion Abroad

The third (so far) major pro-homosexual action by Trump



Donald Trump’s U.S. Embassy in Macedonia Flies LGBT Flag



The White House confirmed today President Donald Trump will not overturn the Obama administration’s 2014 LGBT executive order for federal contractors that limits how faith groups can work in government.



Instead of letting Mr. Bannon’s team steer the conservative movement away from Biblical alignment, let’s [all] pray and actively push this ship back on the course toward true conservatism as it was understood by the pro-family, anti-homosexuality Founding Fathers… we’re at [a] fork in the road TODAY that will determine whether the Trump administration goes with the Bible or with the [LGBT] crowd tomorrow.  The results could not be more dichotomous nor more consequential.  If ever there was a time when Christian leaders needed to take a firm persuasive stand, it is NOW.  That means we need an immediate, unequivocal and robust rejection of the idea of the myth of the ‘gay conservative’ by the church.




Trump and the LGBT Agenda



… in reply to Stahl’s questioning on same-sex ‘marriage,’ [Trump] said, ‘You have these cases that have already gone to the Supreme Court.  They’ve been settled, and I’m fine with that.’



VP Mike Pence Cheers Trump on LGBT Rights                                                                               Ivanka Trump, Husband Jared Kushner Helped Sink Religious Liberty Executive Order



Trump’s Defense Secretary OK With LGBTs in Military and Women in Combat



Trump Joins Ranks of DNA Deniers