Global Warming Benefits?

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Climate Change May Benefit Most Mammals That Live in Northern Europe’s Arctic and Sub-Arctic Land Areas in Short Run


Could global warming be good for us?  Scientists find hotter summers could mean         LESS [sic] floods


Why climate change is good for the world

The scientific consensus is that warmer temperatures do more good than harm


Article in Nature says global warming will increase biological diversity and                 species numbers


Less snow [in the U.S. last winter] means several cities see savings


NASA [Yes, under Obama]: Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds



Significant land greening in the northern extratropical latitudes (NEL) has been documented from satellite observations during the past three decades… Our findings reveal that the observed greening record is consistent with an assumption of anthropogenic forcings, where greenhouse gases [predominantly CO2] play a dominant role…
— Barack Obama’s own U.S. Department of Energy, 6/27/16


Studies: Increased CO2 emissions are greening the planet


Contrary to model predictions, the satellite data showed increases in vegetation growth on up to 50 percent of previously vegetated areas, with a decrease in only 4 percent.


[Yet Another] Study shows that increased atmospheric CO2 is greening the deserts


[OK, why is all that CO2-created greenery so beneficial?]

“... although 700 million people worldwide still suffer from persistent hunger, according to the United Nations, hunger has declined by two BILLION people since 1990.  Additionally, research shows there is now 17 percent more food available per person than there was 30 years ago.


The Growing Benefits of a Warmer World


Report: Global Warming Could Be A Boon For Public Health


Glacier scientist: Global warming is good, not bad


Climate change is HELPING Africa because greenhouse gases are bringing rain to areas that have suffered drought for decades, says new study


[Even if global warming were true…]

The Many Benefits of Forest Fires


5 Things Hurricanes Can Do That Are Actually Good


Five Good Things About a Hurricane
[That from the far-left source Mother Jones, no less.]



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