Urban Heat Islands (UHIs)

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Regions of the world that exhibit significant warming over recent decades [are] likely the result of a robust urban heat island effect…



Urban Heat Island Influence Inadequately Considered in Climate Research



The Urban Heat Island Effect Distorts Global Temperatures



Rampant, Glaringly Fraudulent Temp Monitoring Stations:

Study sponsored by NOAA finds that poorly-sited air temperature monitoring stations have artificially boosted global warming data



The NOAA-sponsored JAMS study confirmed what researchers have consistently maintained for years: Even relatively modest urban development near temperature recording devices can skew temperature measurements.



After pointing out an airplane got stuck in heat softened asphalt, Al Gore misses the fact that many of the surface temperatures used in climate come from airports



Two-thirds of the [world’s ‘official’ temperature monitoring] stations are at airports and they show regular divergences from the non-airport stations…



What Anthony Watts and Evan Jones have revealed [about false temperature monitoring] is breathtaking, a must see.  Half of the [global] warming trend has gone.  92% of the artificial rise was due to “erroneous adjustments of well sited stations”.  Muller et al used an older siting classification system.  The new classification system shows that siting does have a major impact on the [surface temperature] data.



Record Temperature Readings Throughout Los Angeles Caused By ‘Faulty Weather Stations,’ Meteorologist Says



Annual daytime and nighttime surface urban heat island intensity (SUHII) increased significantly [between 2001 and 2017 and, most surprisingly] the effect of greening in rural areas was a significant and widespread driver for the increased daytime SUHII [globally].





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