Designer Deities

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Do All Roads Lead to God?


People who claim to be ‘spiritual’ but not religious are often struggling to cope mentally…


[President Obama] was asked ‘What is sin?‘”

Here was his answer:

‘Being out of alignment with my values.'”


Deepak Chopra and Greg Koukl debate the relevancy of traditional religions


Mainline Protestants… seemed delighted by the festival…”

[Not surprising.   Mainline   protestants  are – now – among the rare few thinking groups within the Christian  pantheon  of  theological   antitruth .]


When [people] are asked to [describe] God, they come up with a variety of [self-induced ideas].”

[I wonder if  the same people  who believe that they can select their own Sovereign and design their own Deity also believe that they can pick their own parents.]


“… he began to feel healthier.  He had more energy, stopped snoring, and not only did he lose enough weight to drive down his overall cholesterol and body mass index (BMI), his good HDL cholesterol crept up two points and his blood glucose — despite all that cream filling — dropped 17 percent.“

[Then why wasn’t he invited on  Benny   Hinn’s  show instead of GMA?]

And, from another post…

[Ms. Gabor was  healed  by that amazing miracle worker  Benny   Hinn  just the previous day.]


“… some of the more liberal [seminary] professors basically sa[y], ‘We can’t believe in things in the Bible, like the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, we can’t believe in the angel world — this is all mythology.’

[Why is it  right   wingnuts  are always  dissing liberals ?]

[Oh, this  Presbyterian “pastor” is  also  a  liberal ?   My bad.]


“… 54 percent of evangelical Protestants said yes, people of religions other than Christianity can go to heaven.

[ Absolutely true !   Hmm, maybe  Christians  are  finally   starting  to  catch   on  to  reality .]


“… while most call [Christmas] a holy day that is primarily religious, their actions say otherwise.”

[Maybe  holiness  is in the  eye  of the  beholder .   Did you  ever   think  of  that ?   Hmm ?]


Witherington says Crossan is trying to find a nonsupernatural way to explain Jesus and Scripture…

[Of course  Crossan   explains  so-called ” Scripture ” without resorting to  superstitions  and  myths .   Dominic   Crossan  has a clue,  Dr. Witherington .   You do not.]


Jesus: A Prophet of Islam

[Exactly!  Why can’t conservatives (including those small-minded “born again” Christians we discussed above) comprehend the simple truth that  all   religious   roads   lead  to the same Summit of the universe, which Summit we call God?]


God is the god of all people.  Everybody he created on this earth belongs to God.”

[Finally, someone calling himself a Christian  who   quotes   the   Bible   accurately . ]


“... four out of 10 Americans believe [the biblical] account [of Adam & Eve].”

[That’s just amazing to me considering the fact that  nowhere near 40% of Americans  identify themselves as “Bible-believing” Christians.  I wonder how many of those 40% also believe in the biblical account of Noah’s flood.]


“… 63 percent of U.S. adults incorrectly attributed a 2 Corinthians 4:8 to… Martin Luther King Jr., George W. Bush or Captain America.”


What about mixing Buddhism with Christianity?



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