Israel’s Other Options?

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Despite all of the above, there are also these concerns:


Buzz of Israel prepping for Iran attack just a smoke screen?

Aaron Klein warns of different war that could remake Middle East


Israel Isn’t Going to Attack Iran and Neither Will the United States


Report: IDF officer told cabinet ‘we can’t stop Iran nuke program’,7340,L-4181486,00.html

[Whoever said truth wasn’t way stranger than fiction?]


Iran’s suspected illicit nuclear program can be stopped militarily by hitting targets other than the country’s nuclear sites…


So it seems that when the Iranians issue threats, they don’t really mean it.

Exactly.  Which is not to say that they aren’t doing nasty things.  But they don’t talk about THOSE things.


“… the obvious fact that the deeper Iran buries her sites, the harder it will be to restore access to them if Israel seals the entrances.”



It’s widely speculated now that Israel will attack Iran with conventional missiles, jet bombers, and electronic weapons very soon.  But there is another option: to explode a nuclear weapon under the Negev Desert, or even, in cooperation with other countries, in India or elsewhere.  It’s been done before…


If Iranian nuclearization should proceed unimpeded, for example, Israel will have to prepare, very promptly, to remove its [own atomic] bomb[s] from the ‘basement.’



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