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The most often quoted teaching of Jesus seems to be ‘Judge not, that you be not judged.‘ (Matthew 7:1)  It’s also… one of the most misunderstood….  [I]f we read this as a commandment to suspend all judgment… He’d be requiring the impossible because we’re incapable of having no opinion of what’s right or wrong…. [and] He’d also be contradicting Himself, because He specifically calls us, in  other  verses , to judge.



Matthew 7:1 is the [supposed] ultimate trump card for securing an undisputed victory in any argument.  Here’s how it usually works: quote Jesus (‘Judge not, that you be not judged‘); act like anyone who disagrees is foolish or intolerant; then make a clean getaway with Jesus at the wheel.  This is the [supposed] mic drop of all mic drops. Sadly, too few onlookers will paraphrase Inigo Montoya: ‘I don’t think that verse means what you think it means‘…  Jesus does not prohibit the moral and relational judgments necessary to navigate a [sin-filled] world…  [But] what kind of judgments is Jesus condemning?…  Jesus tells his hearers to judge with a fair scale, rather than the unfair scales they experience regularly.  Judge with integrity and empathy, not hypocrisy…  [Jesus] doesn’t remove the responsibility of believers to help spot and remove sin from the lives of those they love…  This passage isn’t difficult because Jesus forbids making judgments; it’s difficult because Jesus demands his followers show humility when they judge…  [He] forbids them from being hypocrites and making hypocritical judgments…



Wisdom resides in knowing the ‘proper time and the just way’ of saying things (Eccl. 8:5)…  Nevertheless, it is not unloving to confront brothers who are not walking in the truth, just as Paul confronted Peter when he stopped walking according to the truth of the gospel ( Gal. 2:11 ).  Many will say that this attitude is arrogant…  Others, however, understand that it is part of our biblical calling to examine all things [cf.  Pr 18:13  &  17Luke 12:57John 7:241Th 5:211 John 4:1 , etc.] and to keep what is right and reject what is false, wrong, and [otherwise unbiblical, cf.  Hosea 4:6 , etc.]…  Biblical love disciplines, corrects, reprehends, and tells the truth.  And when it sees error that is followed by repentance and contrition, it forgives, forgets, and supports.  Therefore, the love that is practiced by those who get offended by the defense of the faith, the exposing of error, and the confrontation of untruths is not biblical love.  Lack of love would be letting people continue to be tricked without at least trying to show them their errors.



Consider country singer Carrie Underwood, who came out in support of same-sex ‘marriage’ last year.  In explanation of her position, she told the British press, ‘It’s not up to me to judge anybody.
What?  You just did, Carrie.  Your endorsement of same-sex ‘marriage’ constitutes a positive moral judgment on the social invention and its supporters, while insinuating a negative moral judgment about its critics.
But, like most nice people, Carrie Underwood is oblivious to her own incoherence in this matter.  If she really deems it improper for her to judge the wrongness of actions, it is equally improper for her to judge their rightness.  And if she does make a judgment one way or the other on an action, then, whichever way she goes (and whether she realizes it or not), she is making a de facto judgment on the opposing view.



…the world will gradually change its negative view of Christians as judgmental, hypocritical, too political, anti-homosexual, etc.”


[ Really ?   Someone send me an email when it does.]


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Watch as we’re all about to get a lesson in not judging a book by its cover.”



Remember the story we posted yesterday about this guy ?  We asked who would have predicted that.

Well, who would have predicted this ?


Everything about Donni Brickyard’s appearance screams ‘thug.’


[That’s the third ASND post in a row, now, with one of these book by its cover” stories.]



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