Christ on the Environment

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In Search of an Eco-Friendly Religion


Christians and the Environment: How Should Christians Think about the Environment?


Radical Environmentalism


The Idolatry of Environmental Liberalism


Avatar: A Postmodern Pagan Myth


Global Warming:

Why Climate Policy Matters to Evangelical Christians
Barack Obama’s own EPA said that reduced CO2 emissions will provide no direct health benefits to anyone.
No empirical evidence exists to support the assertion that a planetary warming of 2°C would be net ecologically or economically damaging.
Recent atmospheric warming is mostly natural, that human contribution to it is small and is not now and will not become dangerous, and that efforts to combat it by mandatory reductions in CO2 emissions, which can be accomplished only by switching from abundant, affordable, reliable fossil fuels as a major energy source to diffuse, expensive, unreliable “renewable” sources like wind and solar will make no significant reduction in future global temperatures, bring no significant benefits to human health or other life on earth, and cause serious harm to America’s and the world’s poor.
Observational data show no warming trend whatsoever for the tropical troposphere from 1958 through 2012.
Contrary to predictions by over 95% of the computer climate models on which IPCC relies, observed global temperatures failed to rise from 1995 to 2014.  The stark contrast between the model projections and the real-world observations effectively invalidates the models, which are the sole basis of fears of catastrophic anthropogenic warming.

… &

Empirical Evidence Suggests that Fossil Fuel Use Will Not Cause Catastrophic Warming
For the Foreseeable Future, Wind and Solar Energy Cannot Effectively Replace Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Energy
The Poor Would Suffer Most from Attempts to Restrict Affordable Energy Use
Affordable Energy Can Help Millions of the World’s Poor Emerge from Poverty
Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Actually Enhances Plant Growth, Which Significantly Helps Poor People Thrive


Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is in atmospheric science [and] professes to be an evangelical [Christian] [who] believes humans are primarily responsible for [global warming]. She believes its impacts will be dangerous to catastrophic…. [But Dr. Hayhoe] fails to engage with her [hundreds of] critics [many of whom are also climate scientists and evangelical Christians] [In fact] many climate scientists with far longer experience in the field disagree with her.



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