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God Does, Indeed, Take Political Sides
Therefore Political Partisanship Is Morally Obligatory


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God’s Side in Politics


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Popular Jesus mythology assures us that He never confronted anyone, made anyone feel uncomfortable, or judged anyone’s lifestyle.  Jesus loved everyone, which for many means that He accepted people just as they are.  Jesus was a champion of diversity, they imagine. Jesus came to establish an inclusive community in which all peoples of all types would be embraced and no one, whatever their proclivities, would be excluded…  [But] The [biblical] evidence [reveals] that Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about creating a comfortable environment for sensitive souls.  [Instead,] He confronted sin [directly and repeatedly, examples provided in the essay]…  Though Jesus was full of compassion, truth was [His] priority… [and] Jesus’ mission was ‘to bear witness to the truth ( John 18:37 )…  However uncomfortable the truth may make others feel, however offensive the truth may sound to unbelieving ears, however untimely the truth may appear, Jesus always spoke the truth, and so also must we.


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Jesus did not teach that faith and politics should be kept entirely separate.  They shouldn’t.  Since God is ruler over everything, our faith must inform our political beliefs and actions….  [S]ince governments are comprised of people, God has jurisdiction over everything [that people do, including their politics]…  Christians [are called to] be concerned that government policy successfully accomplish [God’s will on Earth]…  And this can only be accomplished by incorporating certain [biblical] theological principles [when voting because]… government policies will only be effective if they are reflective of [of God’s principals].”


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[W]hy would a Christian say we should bring everyone together, as if that were desirable?  Has he forgotten that we are commanded not to come together with evil? ( Romans 12:2 James 4:4  ,  John 15:19 )…  Politics is described as the art of compromise.  Do you wonder how our world got to its current wicked condition?  It got there by compromising God’s values so we could all ‘come together.’


[Now that we know that Jesus does, in fact, take political sides on every political issue and candidate, which side is He on in your district, state, & national ballot?]



The Christian “Worldview” Applied To Voting:

“[The true Christians’] worldview must extend to all of life [most especially to politics], for all of life is religious [and politics are simply the exercise of personal religion in public policy].  Just as  James 1:26  makes the use of the tongue a test of whether one’s religion is true or not, [Christians’] ideas and moral behavior [e.g. how they vote] do so as well…  [Christians’] task as twenty-first century believers is to take not only all thoughts captive to Christ ( 2 Cor 10:5 ) but all of life; to make it obedient to Christ and His revealed Word.



Record low number of Americans hold biblical worldview, survey says


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Democrat voters who identify as Christian has plummeted since 2008



If Americans lose [religious] liberty and freedom [see the Religious Liberty section below on this page] — which… is the  ultimate  goal  of this [ current   Marxist  revolution  [deceitfully using the valid “black lives matter” sentiment under the  false pretense  of the  anti-Christian and anti-capitalist  Black Lives Matter political organization] — then [Christians] will not have the freedom to share the Gospel or do apologetics [i.e. reason from evidence] in the public square or on social media…  Indeed, when Marxists gain power, the first people to be silenced — or worse [i.e. murdered, which is the ultimate form of silencing] — are the philosophically-minded theologians (See,  China , Cuba , Venezuela North Korea , the  ‘Great Purge‘  of the Soviet Union, and the staggering  Communist body count )…  Christians, if we do not speak out and fight this good fight now, we may never be able to speak out or fight for anything ever again!  [True Christians are] fighting for the right of freethinkers to freely speak — even if they disagree with [the truth, which includes the fact that Marxism is anti-Christian, anti-freedom, and anti-human].”


… &

Why Karl Marx Hated God, and Marxists Hate Christians


[BTW and for the record…]

There is a Non-Marxist Biblical Alternative to ‘Black Lives Matter



Preaching the Gospel Does Not Mean Abandoning the Culture



The Good Samaritan does not show that government should confiscate wealth through taxation and redistribute it.  The Good Samaritan emphasizes voluntary charity to help people.
Subsidiarity: If a problem can be addressed by a lower level of society (family) then we shouldn’t make higher levels (government) address it; e.g., the best place to take care of children is within the family.


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Five Reasons Why Christians Should Care About Economics
1. The Bible Deals with Economic Issues [hundreds of times]
2. Economics Helps Us Understand the Public Square [see #5 below]
3. Economics Expands Our Model of Discipleship
4. Economics Enhances Our Theology of Work
5. Economics Illuminates the Theological Implications of Politics [with which  the Bible also deals  often]



God certainly is not on the side of lawbreakers who happen to be poor…
Just as the rich are often tempted to be proud, denying God’s goodness, so the poor are tempted to covet the possessions of others [via  taxes  to pay for  unneeded  welfare ].



Did Jesus advocate the socialistic, class warfare approach of the political left?
Not at all.



Was Jesus Christ Was a Liberal/Progressive?
The fact is, one can scour the Scriptures with a fine-tooth comb and find nary a word from Christ that endorses the forcible redistribution of wealth by political authorities.
None, period.



“Caring for the needy is certainly the work of God, but God’s work must also be done God’s way…  Ultimately, poverty  cannot be defeated  through human means, political or otherwise.  Despite more than a century of progressive reform, including the formal Progressive movement of the pre-World War One era, FDR’s ‘New Deal‘, and LBJ’s ‘War On Poverty‘, poverty is still a devastating reality to countless people…  This fact alone should provoke us to seriously reexamine both [liberal] priorities and [liberal] methods [since those were all failed liberal policies]…  [I]n some cases, these programs have proven to be nothing more than [ ineffective ,  falsely defended , and economically  debilitating ] political grandstanding.


… &

Wayne Grudem [Bible-believing conservative] debates Richard Glover [Bible-revisionist liberal] on the Bible, poverty and foreign aid



The Nine Deadly Sins of Liberalism/Progressivism



Christians who shun politics to supposedly advance the Gospel are actually allowing others to stop the Gospel.



Democrat Party Passes Blatantly Anti-Christ-ian Resolution


… &

True Christians believe Democrats will strip their rights because… they will.
They have been doing just that for decades and they are getting worse, very quickly, wherever they can.


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As the left has grown more secular and fiercer in its attacks on people of faith, the number of people identifying as Christians in America is rapidly trending downwards.  Church membership among Democrats dropped precipitously, from 71% to 48% over the course of a couple decades…  Democrats can no longer hide their contempt and hatred towards those who ‘cling to religion‘ and believe that the Bible is God’s word and means what it says…  The LGBTQ movement is best understood as a liberal weapon, and it is an effective one.  It has become the spearhead in the attack against Christianity and it will increasingly be used in an attempt to achieve the goal of driving meaningful Christian thought from the public square…  Democratic hatred of Christians extends well beyond the LGBTQ movement.  That’s just their most effective weapon for attacking those they hate.  What most drives their hatred is that Bible-believing Christians stand for the unborn.  Democrats mumble the occasional platitude and claim to be Christian since they still need to hoodwink a sizable portion of their voting base, but it is far more important to pay attention to their actions.



The Left Uses Social Issues As ‘Battering Rams’ To Turn People Against Reality



Why have so many fake “Christians” voted for overtly anti-Christian Democrats?


… &

To Christians Who Voted for Biden: Did You Not See This Coming?
[F]or those Christians who voted for Biden, were you not aware that he would be the most aggressively pro-abortion president in our history — with an even more radical vice president by his side?  Are you surprised that he not only [ revokedthe [decades-old] Mexico City Policy but has also  revoked  the  Hyde Amendment  [an illegal, unconstitutional presidential act overriding a congressionally written law, also on the books for several decades], all by executive fiat?  If you consider yourself pro-life, can you look me in the eye and say, ‘I’m glad I helped empower President Biden make these life-destroying decisions‘?  Can you say, ‘I’m glad every American taxpayer will be forced to fund abortion with the help of my vote‘?…  Are you surprised that Biden signed into law a radical transgender bill that has even caused consternation among gay, feminist, and transgender leaders and individuals?  Do you feel good about the fact that by voting for him, you have negatively impacted women and girls throughout the country, as well as strengthened Big Tech’s crack down on our freedoms?…  Did you not hear us when we warned about his radical, leftist agenda, only a portion of which was highlighted here?  And if you did know these were his plans, can you really justify your vote?


[That article was published less than two weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency.  ASND will be creating several new pages tracking his record as it progresses.  Dr. Michael Brown’s questions asked above, however, will only become more relevant and pressing as that record develops.]

… &

Evangelicals For Biden ‘Feel Used And Betrayed’ By Biden For Actually Doing What He Promised To Do


[ Evangelicals For Biden is the most moronic of oxymorons ever conceived.]

… &

Just Some Of The Problems With Liberalism


… &

Liberalism’s war to destroy Christian America


… &

Wake Up, Christians. There Is No Place For You In The Democrat Party.


… &

The lack of political resistance to liberalism by Christians in this country has served only to embolden their own opponents.  Ignoring popular leftist culture and refusing to oppose it in the ballot box will only increase the attacks on biblical values perpetrated by the liberal enemies of Christ.


[The last several citations above appropriately singled out liberals (a.k.a.  Democrats) as the “opponents” and “enemiesof Christ, which they absolutely are (as the evidence all way to the bottom of his page makes unavoidably obvious — at least to those who have been  given eyes to see ).  But as ASND also demonstrates in several citations on this page, the Republican party — while significantly more interested in “conserving traditional rights and values” than the Democrat party — is far from Christocentric, especially among the establishment leadership.]

The lack of evangelicals on the Supreme Court is an example of how they have largely been frozen out of the institutional leadership of conservatism.  The same is evident in the major conservative think tanks.  None of AEI, Heritage, the Manhattan Institute, the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Hudson Institute, or the Claremont Institute ha[s] an evangelical president.



Many Republicans… refuse to understand the nature of [liberalism].  They are culture war Neville Chamberlains, feeding Americans to the Minotaur one generation at a time while believing it’s a bargain, because, after all, the Minotaur isn’t eating everyone, and they’ll certainly die before it’s their turn to meet him.  A display of this kind of mental and moral cowardice is utterly disqualifying from anyone who wants to hold office as a Republican going forward.  That’s because only fools make deals with barbarians expecting them to keep it.  People who can’t tell a citizen from a barbarian aren’t fit to lead…  A key component of this cowardice is the refusal to fight for sexual sanity…  [T]he culture war is not a sideshow, it is about the very definition of reality, the entire basis upon which we can have any discussions or make any political decisions whatsoever…  No society can exist without protecting families.  Republicans have whiffed on this at least since Roe v. Wade.  Republican headliners like Mike Pence and Kristi Noem, for example, love to go around talking about how much they love God and liberty, but when things came down to the wire under their governorships, both quickly let the barbarians advance…  They have proven they cannot be trusted under fire to defend the American way of life. That’s the whole game right there, folks — not corporate tax rates and child credits.




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