Atheism & Hypocrisy

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“Socially, when I moved from theism to atheism, and science as a worldview, I guess, to be honest, I just liked the people in science, and the scientists, and their books, and just the lifestyle, and the way of living.  I liked that better than the religious books, the religious people I was hanging out with – just socially.  It felt more comfortable for me.  In reality I think most of us arrive at most of our beliefs for non-rational reasons, and then we justify them with these reasons after the fact.”

Michael Shermer, speaking in ‘Nine Conversations: The Question of God’, PBS documentary


Atheist Church Movement Shake Up: Ideological Battle Leads to Secular  ‘Denominational’ Chasm

[ASND can’t help but be amused by this story (which, of course, was  inevitable .  For decades atheists have been  ROFL-ing at Christians because of what they claim are “tens of thousands” of Christian denominations (atheists have confused numbers of churches with numbers of denominations, but we’ll save the details of that correction for another day, or perhaps for a Comment below if anyone expresses interest).

Regardless of the number of denominations, though, what atheists have missed, of course, is that all human systems and organizations eventually splinter and divide (including, btw, the behemoth Roman Catholic church, though we’ll save the details on that story for later as well).  Christians are no different than atheists in the sense that we all are more interested in getting our own way than God’s way, so it comes as no surprise to careful-thinking Christians that there are as many different interpretations of God’s Word as there are Christians interpreting it.  As we are beginning to see – yet again – from the above article is that the same “denominational” thing that is true about Christians is also true about atheists.]


The very religion [atheists] revile is the only worldview that makes their existence meaningful and worthwhile…


The Survey of Religious Hostility in America [2012]


Sexual Immorality and Five Other Reasons People Reject Christianity


… four individual atheists… are described as having suffered ‘dyspepsia, symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish from the knowledge that they are made to feel officially excluded from the ranks of citizens who were directly injured by the 9/11 attack.’

[ASND will not attempt to challenge the atheists’ main point here with respect to the legality of displaying a sectarian religious symbol on taxpayer-owned real estate.  ASND is curious about something, however.   How does a mere symbol from one particular religious group cause “feelings” of “exclusion” among members of an anti-religion group?  Isn’t intentional exclusion from all religious symbols, meanings and feelings their entire raison d’être?]


New Atheist Holiday Ads Accuse Christians of Intolerance

[ Nobody Important  read that article twice and couldn’t find a single cited example of Christian “intolerance” of atheists.  Maybe someone else could write in and offer an example.]


Anger at God [is] common, even among atheists.”

[So atheists are angry at what, a  flying spaghetti monster ? ]

[This was very evident, btw, at the March 24, 2012 “Reason” Rally in Washington, D.C.]


When Atheists Are Angry at God


Chaplains at Fort Bragg near here have seemed open to the idea, if somewhat perplexed by it.”

[I don’t get it.  What’s so  illogical  about  anti-theistic   spiritualism ? ]



Atheism becoming more religious


More Than 20 Percent of Atheist Scientists Are ‘Spiritual’

[Yeah, there is nothing illogical about materialists (i.e. anti-spiritualists; a.k.a.atheists) believing in that which they flatly deny.]


Pew: 6% Percent of Atheists and Agnostics Pray Every Day


Out of one side of their collective mouth…

You have the right to be offended, and I have the right to offend you.”

While out of the other side…

“… those two beams must be excluded from other 9/11 artifacts because of the way they make atheists feel, the feelings of the rest of the country notwithstanding.

[See, atheism is perfectly consistent.]


“… A majority of non-Christians think angels exist, as do more than 4 in 10 of those who never attend religious services.”

[ASND wonders what the source is for the belief in angels by “those who never attend religious services.”]

[Go figure.]

[Also, the report didn’t mention whether any of those who believe in angels but “never attend religious services” are also atheists, so we didn’t include this item in the Atheism Update.]


Here is a (surely incomplete, and I’m even more sure, somewhat debatable) list of bizarre beliefs I have encountered among fellow skeptics-atheists-humanists.


Why Atheists Love Christmas


Some Atheist Scientists With Children Embrace Religious Traditions, According to New Research


The Hypocrisy of Richard Dawkins


Michigan Professor Strips Naked In Class, Shouts ‘There Is No F-ing God’

[Wait…  ASND thought atheists were supposed to be the rational ones.]



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