Robert Mueller (Post-Report)

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[See, also,  this page , created prior to the completion of Mueller’s report.]


[Robert] Mueller shrewdly and [intentionally] turned the [U.S. Constitution] on its head…  Prosecutors are not, and have never been, in the business of exonerating people.  That’s not their job.  An experienced federal prosecutor, Mueller certainly knew this.  It appears he had no intention of treating Trump equitably or applying the law in conformance with our criminal justice system.  In a singular sentence, Mueller managed to reverse the legal duty that prosecutors have rigidly followed in America for centuries.  Their legal obligation is not to exonerate someone or prove an individual’s innocence.  Nor is any accused person required to prove his or her own innocence.  Everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence.  It is the bedrock on which [U.S. Constitutional] justice is built.  Prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  To bring charges they must have, at minimum, probable cause to believe that a crime was committed.  [Mueller] took this inviolate [constitutional] principle and cleverly inverted it.  He argued that he could not prove the president did not commit a crime.  Think about what that rationale really means.  It is a [classic example of the] double negative [ fallacy ].  Mueller was contending that he can’t prove something didn’t happen…
[Robert Mueller also] improvised a new [unconstitutional legal investigative] standard that [applied] only to Trump — presumption of guilt [rather than presumption of innocence].  Under this novel ‘guilty until proven innocent’ paradigm, it [was] up to the president to prove the allegations [were] false.  Attorney General Barr recognized that Mueller had mangled [i.e. unconstitutionally subverted] the legal process…  Barr told Congress that he was forced to correct Mueller’s [intentionally fraudulent, unconstitutional] mistake.  ‘I used the proper [constitutional] standard,’ said Barr.  ‘We are not in the business of proving someone did not violate the law‘.”


Mueller Clearly and Obviously Tried to Entrap Trump

… &

Mueller’s Waffling On ‘Obstruction’ Was An End-Run Around The Attorney General
It’s now clear that Robert Mueller finessed Justice Department oversight in order to get damaging allegations about the president into the public space.


By refusing to go after the real colluders with Russia who committed real crimes, it is Robert Mueller who was obstructing justice


Feds Back Off Jailing Michael Flynn After Stunning New Evidence That Gov’t ‘Lied’ and ‘Framed’ Him


Contradictions between Mueller report & Dowd transcript expose another of Mueller’s many, glaring frauds


Mueller’s Final Speech — At Which He Refused To Answer Questions — Proved His Entire Operation Was A Political Hit Job That Trampled The Rule Of Law


Bob Mueller Ran and Hid in Front Of Willing Mainstream, Left Wing Media Accomplices to Avoid Having to Answer One Key Question in Front of Republican Senators
When did you know there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?


Democrat Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Slams Mueller Following Final “Press Conference”

[Like everything else Mueller did, even that event — which he and his servile, left wing media drones called a “press conference” — was nothing of the sort.  The media in attendance were never allowed to ask questions.]



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