Newt Gingrich

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Christie: Gingrich ‘embarrassed’ GOP

[ Chris   Christie   would   know ,   too .]


“Lying and then admitting you lied, or lying and then ‘clarifying’ after the fact, are traits, in Newt’s case, that are proving habitual and increasingly worthy of note.”


Gingrich archives show his public praise, private criticism of Reagan


All 4 GOP Candidates OK With Women in Combat


Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign has received a second warning from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for widespread financial irregularities, saying the campaign must disclose why nearly $1 million was paid to the candidate, staff and a small group of fundraising consultants for questionable reimbursements.”


[Santorum, Romney & Gingrich] were quick to call for action against the Iranian ally but failed to mention some of the concerns about Islamists within the Syrian opposition and the support it has gotten from the terrorist group al-Qaeda.


In the past, the [Gingrich] campaign was about winning, or trying to win, or at least claiming to be trying to win.  Now, it’s about keeping Mitt Romney from winning.


Gingrich Adviser Urges States to Implement ObamaCare


Gingrich: GOP Must ‘Accommodate and Deal With Reality’ on Same-sex Marriage



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