H.R. McMaster

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Fired National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster:

Trump had repeatedly promised that his administration would reject the Bush/Obama policy of denying the doctrinal Islamic roots of terror…  Indeed, Trump honored this pledge early in his term via the many appointees to the NSC brought on by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and others.  Under McMaster, however, all of these voices have been removed from the NSC in what has been described as a ‘purge.’  In their stead, McMaster has astonishingly welcomed figures such as Kris Bauman and Robert Malley to his NSC. Bauman’s and Malley’s careers have been so objectively subversive to the Trump agenda on Israel that McMaster might as well have appointed Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter.



McMaster Purges Trump Loyalists, Protects Obamaites



H.R. McMaster has retained all of [Barack Obama ally] Ben Rhodes’ staffers as the question of who is leaking classified information for political purpose remains.



So we now have a strong repudiation of the narrative component of the purge which… successfully removed every Trump Administration official aligned with Trump’s campaign promises regarding national security.



McMaster’s first act on heading the Trump national security team was to order staff not to use the term ‘radical Islamic terror.’


… &

NSA pick McMaster told the National Defense University that “the Islamic State                   is not Islamic.”


… &

In the past McMaster has been publicly defended by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., groups funded by George Soros and Media Matters.
Now comes the latest endorsement, from the Islamist group CAIR


… &

More Evidence That McMaster Shares Obama’s Views on Islam and Terror


… &

McMaster Ousts Trump Adviser Who Tried to Fire Obama Holdovers
The swamp is now in full control of the NSC


… &

McMaster’s NSC Coup Against Trump Purges Critics of Islam and Obama
Trump’s National Security Council is becoming a national security threat


… &

President Trump has… put on the back burner an executive order designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization…
[See, also: http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/13-reasons-to-declare-muslim-brotherhood-a-terrorist-organization/ ]

A Trump adviser who advocated for declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and warned of a globalist ‘deep state’ working to undermine the Trump agenda has been axed by the president’s top national security chief, H.R. McMaster.



President Trump has expressed his continued support for McMaster, even after a letter McMaster sent to Benghazi liar and serial [unmasker] Susan Rice was revealed in which McMaster said he was perfectly fine with a person who should be a target of her very own special prosecutor retaining her security clearance.


        [Nobody Important, of course, always asks the same question:                                     ——–Why has McMaster done those things?]

New national security adviser McMaster doesn’t believe in radical Islamic terrorism


[Not surprisingly, then (at least to Nobody Important)]…

Former national security officials call on Trump to ax McMaster



The  New Pro-Hamas Israel Advisor — Kris Bauman — on Trump’s                                        National Security Council:
In Kris Bauman’s twisted mind, the obstacle to peace isn’t PLO and Hamas terrorism, but supporters of Israel in America.



The first step in the Justice Department investigation [of dangerous leaks from inside the White House] should be to rescind the security clearance for every member of McMaster’s NSC team.  Then they should all be fired but allowed to reapply upon a full and complete background check.



In a five minute interview with Fox News… McMaster swept away all the gains President Trump had just made.



McMaster Advisors Running Smear’ Campaign To Save His Job




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