Obama’s 2012 SOTU Speech

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[2012] State Of The Union Fact Check: Obama Pushed Plans That Have Flopped Before



FACT CHECK: Obama’s 2012 State of the Union



Another Obama State of the Union: Let Us Count the Lies



Fairness doctrine

President Obama’s State of the Union address calls for more government to level the playing field



Obama speech steers clear of Keystone pipeline rejection, Solyndra failure



… the remarks [Obama] offered last night were… an aimless blend of populist gimmicks, class warfare, and outright contradictions that made the soaring oratory of Obama’s 2008 election seem like a distant memory.



“... [Obama gave no] real consideration of threats and problems. Yes, he mention[ed] al-Qaida and the Taliban (no longer a problem, he says) and Iran (under control and they will be pressed into making a deal), and democratic transitions (we don’t know what will happen but…). Nevertheless, America faces no real threats or enemies. revolutionary Islamism doesn’t exist as an issue; Russia poses no problem; Chavez and Castro and various other dictators are vanished; even underdevelopment or instability aren’t mentioned. There is a Pollyanna aspect to Obama arising from his belief that everything would be okay as long as America behaves properly and he is president. In his world there are no real conflicts; few true enemies but only misunderstandings. With Obama the problem is not merely his politics and views but also his total lack of true understanding about international affairs, security issues, and strategy.



State of the Union registers at 8th grade reading level



Haven’t We Heard this Before?

… after a couple years these sorts of speeches begin to write themselves.”



Rep. Joe Wilson Vindicated




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