Obama & Abortifacient Contraception

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Abortifacient Facts



New Studies Show All Emergency Contraceptives Can Cause Early Abortion



The Pill: Contraceptive or Abortifacient?



RU 486:

The Real War on Women: Abortion Drug RU 486 Injures Thousands



After Two Decades, We Know The Abortion Drug Hurts Women



Teen Dies From Abortion, Contracted Superbug From Abortion Drug [RU 486]



Abortion Drug RU 486 Marks 12 Years in US: 14 Dead, 1,200 Injured



Growing Debate About the Abortifacient Effect of the Birth Control Pill and the Principle of the Double Effect



Birth Control Pill: Abortifacient and Contraceptive



Abortifacient Effect of the Birth Control Pill



The White House Fact Sheet… states, for example, that religious employers ‘will not’ have to pay for abortion pills, sterilization and contraception, but their ‘insurance companies’ will.  Who pays for the insurance policy?  The religious employer.”



The president insists that the coverage will be “free of charge,” which is absurd. Someone will pay for this.  That someone will be everyone, including the very religious institutions betrayed by the original decision.  Insurance companies will factor the costs of the services into their prices. This is basic economics.


[That more or less says it all.]


Obama called out on ‘sleight of hand’ over abortions

He ‘is still forcing people of faith to subsidize practices that violate their beliefs’



… don’t you just love the use of the word ‘accommodation’ to describe Obama’s action [ feigning retreat on Obamacare’s mandate for ‘free’ abortifacient) birth control [viz-a-viz] ‘freedom of religion’?



The lack of details is what has many religious leaders concerned.


[Which is exactly how  Obamacare   was   sold  to us from the beginning.]

[So give the President some credit here. At least he’s consistent.]


We have handed the moral compass for some of our most personal health care decisions to [rabidly secular, leftist] beaurocrats.”



Dots connect: Obama agents snagged on birth control

Contraception question really came out of left field, literally



The claim that [Plan-B is] non-abortifacient… is currently indefensible



HHS’ Sebelius Says ‘No Abortifacient Drug’ in Obamacare Contraception Mandate

However… Plan B and Ella… work by blocking an embryo (a fertilized egg) from implanting in the uterus. If an embryo is blocked from implanting in the uterus, it will be starved of nutrients and die.



…pro-contraception sex education advocates were quick to claim these CDC figures were proof that contraception based sex education is working.  However, while the birth rate has fallen, it must be made clear that the CDC is looking at the birth rate and not the pregnancy rate in teens.  Alarmingly, as the birthrate has fallen in teens ages 15-19…, the abortion rate has increased…



Arguments regarding the role of religious thought in public debates have returned to the spotlight in the controversy surrounding the administration’s abortifacient, sterilization, and contraceptive mandate.”



Ulipristal Acetate, or ella.  A selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM) ella works the same way as the FDA-approved abortion drug, RU-486: it blocks progesterone, a hormone necessary to maintain a pregnancy.  By anyone’s definition of pregnancy, ella can ‘terminate’ one.


[ASND reminds readers that yes, ella is one of the many abortifacient contraceptives that taxpayers will be buying from now on — under Obamacare — for sexually active teens and young women who don’t want to buy it themselves.]



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