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The driver… took a lot of persuading to climb out of his cab and back up the truck.”

That guy was “lucky?”

What is “luck?”

Some people  think they know what “luck” is but their attempts at definition fail when they attribute chance ” as the cause ofluck.”   Chance , though, is  not a thing  since it occupies no time, space or personality.  Chance , therefore,  cannot   cause anything  — including “luck.”

Others  don’t claim to know whatluck” is but insist thatluck” is – at least for some people.  But if “luck” exists as an actual thing then it must exist objectively, i.e. it must be observable by everyone possessing and using whatever sensing system can observe and/or measure “luck.”

Since “luck,” though, can only be perceived subjectively – like feelings and opinions – then “luck” cannot be a thing.  “Luck” occupies nothing but perception or thought, which are only things to the person(s) doing the perceiving and/or thinking.  “Luck,” then, is not a thing.  If “luck” is not a thing, then “luck” is nothing.

Anyone with objective evidence challenging this logic is invited to make their case to the contrary.

Good “luck.”



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