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The Promise of ObamaCare: Hospice for the Healthy


… the left [are] still claiming that the health care law will help sustain Medicare’s future—but [the] Heritage [Foundation] just published a new Fact Sheet showing the opposite.


Medicare improperly paid $120M to ineligibles



Medicare Reform Myths Debunked


Medicare is headed for fiscal ruin, and a new report shows that the [Obama] administration’s reforms aren’t likely to help.


The “Doc Fix” Dilemma Calls for Immediate Medicare Reforms


We estimate that every 10 percent increase in the use of generic, rather than brand-name, statins would reduce Medicare costs by about $1 billion annually.

[ASND wonders why generic medications haven’t been SOP in Medicare for decades.]


Reforming Medicare


Why Raising Medicare’s Retirement Age Will Help Achieve Universal Coverage


Surprisingly, there’s very little difference between the two plans [Obamacare vs. The Ryan Plan].  There is no important difference in Medicare spending — even when the estimates of the president’s budget are made by his own Office of Management and Budget and the costs of the Ryan plan are projected by Ryan himself.


Obama’s Medicare Plan: Seniors Will Pay More


Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare



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