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The report… concludes [Obamacare’s Medicaid] cost to states is greater than previously thought…

[By whom, though, Obamacare’s ignoramus conservative opponents?]

[Oh, the report was commissioned by Obama’s own Department of Health & Human Services (which oversees Medicaid).  Well, it has to be a mistake, then.  We were promised exactly the opposite.]


Mark Warshawsky: Millionaires on Medicaid

Got a house worth $802,000, lots of savings and a nice car? You might still qualify for benefits.


Medicaid Patients Have Worse [Healthcare] Access and Outcomes than the Privately Insured


Medicaid Expansion [Under Obamacare] Will Become More Costly to States


… more Americans receive coverage from Medicaid than any other health insurance program, including Medicare… This paper explains the budgetary implications of Medicaid for federal and state budgets and how these obligations will grow under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.



Fixing Medicaid and putting it on a saner budgetary trajectory involves reform at several levels.  It involves federal reforms that simplify processes, eliminate redundancy, and grant states greater autonomy over eligibility requirements and access.  It involves giving states the freedom to experiment with their programs in an environment where they are no longer beholden to simplistic federal matching grant formulas.  It also involves sweeping changes to the incentive structure so that individuals—the poor, the elderly, and children—respond rationally to a pricing structure that makes sense for them and for taxpayers.


A Framework for Medicare Reform


“… nearly 40 percent of Medicaid patients visited a hospital emergency department during the previous year, compared with 18 percent of patients with private insurance.


ObamaCare will add at least 18 million people to Medicaid rolls.  Without reform, some states will see Medicaid spending increase by as much as 50 percent in 10 years.


BOTH OF THESE PROBLEMS can be solved by extending to Medicaid the enormously successful 1996 welfare reforms.


…  the huge expansion of Medicaid enrollees (estimated at 30 million) called for under [Obamcare] ‘is likely to backfire.’  Almost half of the doctors (49 percent) said they will stop accepting Medicaid payments.


One in three doctors will not accept new Medicaid patients


“In arguing for Medicaid block grants, [Americans] should look northward.  Once the liberal exemplar, Canadian Medicare [their single-payer version of our not-yet-fully-implemented Obamacare] shows that block-granting is not necessarily an idea for Democrats or Republicans, but rather one which simply makes sense for government budgets and Medicaid recipients alike.


Medicaid Patients Have Worse Access and Outcomes than the Privately Insured


Surprise! Audit uncovers rampant fraud in fed program

Millions suspected stolen under Medicaid plan to help disabled


Seven Reasons States Should Just Say No To Medicaid Expansion



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