Liberalism & The Federal Budget

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Keynesianism is a model based upon how collectivists think the economy should operate, rather than how it actually operates.

[ASND simply asks, “‘Should operate’ according to whom?]


Making a case that the Democrats deliberately sabotaged the Supercommittee gets a lot easier when you read stuff like this.”


Reid says government jobs must take priority over private-sector jobs


…[for three straight YEARS] the [Democrat-controlled] U.S. Senate has failed to figure out how to propose and pass a budget for this country as required by law…


In a stunning backtrack that virtually guarantees Congress for the third year will be unable to produce a budget, Senate Democrats’ top budget writer Tuesday canceled this week’s expected votes on a 2013 fiscal blueprint.”


Three Years Have Passed Since Senate Passed a Budget


The United States is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt.”


Obama’s Budget Fails to Solve the Debt Crisis Despite $2 Trillion in Tax Hikes


The latest energy boondoggle on the table involves the natural gas industry and is called the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act (NATGAS Act).



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