Liberalism & Canada

… in Canada… once gay marriage bec[a]me law, critics [we]re often silenced by the force of the law.”



Included in the definition of actions classified as ‘homophobic’ and deemed worthy of reporting to the registry are: ‘any negative word… toward a homosexual or homosexuality in general… [or] inappropriate media coverage and discrimination.

[ASND wonders who gets to define “homophobic,” “negative,” “inappropriate,” and “discrimination.”]


Canadian Supreme Court Kills Last Hope for Free Speech


Canada: Disagreement with homosexuality ‘against’ the law


Canadian gynecologists oppose discussion of when life begins

[ASND reminds readers that they aren’t even talking about a policy, they’re just talking about TALKING about when life begins.]


Canadian Medical Association: Babies Not Human Until Birth


United Church of Canada to Consider Israel Boycott


“Gaycentric” Government Schools



Canadian Government Official Calls Anti-Abortion Speech Illegal “Bullying”

After people raised objections to this assault on free speech, the Education Minister doubled down on her support for censorship.


Pro-Life Prohibition


Canada: 491 Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions, Left to Die


Quebec, Canada to Redefine Assisted Suicide As Medical Treatment


Canadian court strikes down anti-prostitution laws



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