War on Women?

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Democratic Congressman: There is No Republican War on Women



So who is really waging war on women?



Conservative War on Women?

New Congress Opens With Record-Breaking 21 Pro-Life Women



The Democrats’ War on Women



… [liberals] don’t want their demagoguery to be distracted by the annoying reality that their own misogyny and assault on women is much more virulent, and has been going on for much longer.


[ASND wasn’t sure if that article belonged in the  Hypocrisy  or the  Feminism  Update, but it has been permanently archived on ASND’s  Femicrites  page.]


Leftist Feminists, Do You Have Any Shame At Last?



The [Other] Real War on Women



The [Other, Other] Real War on Women


[BTW, speaking of this war, how many of you have heard of  this guy ?]


[Other, Other, Other] Real War on Women:                                                                       Obamacare Reduces Women’s Health Coverage



The  [Other, Other, Other, OTHER] Real “War on Women” :                                                        Christian Women Who are Tortured for Their Faith,  Not Laws to Stop Abortion



At the same time that the White House is hosting a forum to congratulate itself on its work for women’s causes, one group of ladies has organized a video campaign to expose the administration’s ‘political manipulation’ and ‘pandering,’ arguing that the real ‘war on women’ isn’t coming from the right.



14 American women have died during RU-486 chemical abortions.  Yet somehow it is a ‘war on women’ when a law is passed to ensure that the woman seeking an RU-486 abortion actually have an in-person physical exam, not a conversation over a webcam, and that she return to the abortion provider for follow-up.



10 Myths from the Mommy Wars



The “War on Women” we haven’t yet mentioned…

Undercutting Women’s Safety



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