Mainstream Media & Homosexuality

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“… although Thomas alleges engagements between priests and ‘teenage boys’ in the altar boys series, she nowhere uses the words ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual.’

[ASND would have included the Star/Legder’s own series in our Roman Catholic Updates had the glaringly obvious violations of journalistic ethics and standards not been evident.]


How much longer is being anti-gay rights going to be something that’s a conservative principle…?  How long before you catch up with the rest of the country and realize everybody’s okay?

[Give ya’ll 300 guesses on what cable news network that program host’s quote appeared.]

[It may take you that many.]


On [Homosexual] Marriage, Media Give Obama a Pass


The findings of Bailey’s new study failed to reach statistical significance.  The ballyhooed genetic effect had shrunk considerably, a fact that failed, of course, to capture any media attention and is often left out of the textbook treatments of the subject.  In 2010, an impressive and much larger study utilizing the Swedish Twin Registry produced almost identical results: Among the 71 pairs of identical male twins of whom at least one twin was gay, in only seven cases (9.8 percent) was the second twin also gay, yet another statistically insignificant result.

[Anyone finding that second study reported in the mainstream media is invited to contact ASND with the evidence.]


… had the victim been a racial minority or gay, this would have been headline news locally or even nationally.

[You mean it wasn’t?]


Chick-Fil-A Flack:

“... you hear nothing but crickets about this while the left and its willing allies in the media relentlessly attack Chick-fil-A for its views about marriage — views that don’t fit with the left’s agenda.”


Media finally find something to cover at Chick-fil-A


This video will be ignored by the legacy media, who are always anxious to promote a soft and cuddly image of gay marriage, and protect the public from any negative images concerning homosexuality.


… who was Larry Brinkin?  … news of his alleged crimes against infants and children, not to mention his alleged White Supremacist leanings, has received very little media attention.  Imagine what the media would be doing if Brinkin had been a conservative Christian leader.


Press suckered by Chick-fil-A fairytale

Mainstream media trumpet nonstory cooked up by ‘gay’ advocates


Media Almost Totally Ignore Book Claiming Matthew Shepard Murder Wasn’t a Hate Crime



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