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Today’s [academics] have, through the coup that established tenure, achieved… total protection and deference from the powers that be, including even the trustees of their own universities, whose campuses they occupy entirely at their own whim, and without recognition of any authority beyond themselves.  They are the original ‘occupiers’ — is it any wonder they have created, and sympathize with, the new ‘Occupiers?



… the percentage [of university faculty members self-] identifying as ‘far left’ or liberal has increased notably in the last three years.




SURVEY: Capitalism Often Maligned, Ignored at Many Colleges



… a Florida A&M University professor… compares Jesus with Obama and says God told her in a dream to write it.


21stC Universities


Montclair State University Professor: I Have ‘Yet to Find One Crime That Stalin Committed’



Campaign donations from university employees [including faculty] went overwhelmingly to Obama



University of Iowa’s intolerant liberal law faculty



College Professors Get What They [Voted] For, Don’t Like It Much




[State-employed] Professor calls for murder of NRA president
Professor Loomis… has a history of violent rhetoric against conservatives…


[ASND wonders if Barack Obama’s DHS has developed a  dossier  yet on Dr. Loomis.]

[Oh, sorry.  Our bad.  Those dossiers are only for violent critics of liberalism.]


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