Government Schools Pro Choice?

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It is immoral that the quality of schooling is based on the value and location of

your home. School choice gives parents the freedom to choose a school based

on its quality and their child’s needs, not their home address.


Most people can’t afford to pay twice for education, once in taxes and again

in private school tuition. School choice gives parents financial power and

flexibility by letting them use public funds set aside for education to send their

children to the school of their choice—public or private, near or far, religious or

secular—whatever works best for their children.


Most schools in America still operate using a 19th century industrial model for

delivering goods and services. Today, schools generally do not function in a

way that can effectively meet the specific needs and priorities of every unique

child. School choice forces all schools—public and private—to compete

and innovate in order to offer the best education possible to attract and retain



… our education system must do a better job of providing poorer Americans with the tools they need to rise.  The members of our society most in need of such tools are those now stuck in the worst-run and most dysfunctional schools and denied any promising alternatives.  Some combination of public-school reform and private-school choice will be essential to ending the intergenerational cycle of poverty and failure.


Expanding Education Choices:

From Vouchers and Tax Credits to Savings Accounts


“The answer to this question has profound implications for U.S. education policy.”


The Promise of Special Education Vouchers



[Mr. Cosby, for those who don’t know, is a registered Democrat.]


Charter Schools:

Number of Students Attending Charter Schools Soars


Many public schools in D.C.’s poorest area should be transformed or shut, study says; more charters recommended


Charting a better course

Charter schools raise educational standards for vulnerable children


Michigan City Outsources All of Its Schools

Highland Park Turns Over Troubled Operations to For-Profit Charter Firm


D.C. charter schools fight second-class status


The Charter School Paradox

How public-sector-only choice can increase costs, reduce educational diversity, and undermine competition, and how those unintended consequences can be avoided


… attending a [Chicago] charter school improves reading and math scores by an amount that is both statistically and substantively significant.


Research Data:

Study: Milwaukee School Choice Program Leads To Higher Graduation Rate Among Participants


… [all] these studies consistently find that vouchers are associated with improved test scores in the affected public schools.


The key question for this analysis is the following:

The answer that comes from analyzing the finances of large and small school districts that lost students is ‘yes.’


Does School Choice Reduce Crime?


NYC Schools Give 12,000 Plan B Drugs to Kids Without Parents OK


Contrary to [Obama’s] Justice Department claims, student transfers improve racial integration


Why and How Parents Choose Private Schools



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