Government Schools & Political Bias

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Parents see political slant in 3rd-grade textbook

[ Crybaby conservatives .   Even if that was a bad book, it was just   one .   At  just   one   school !   Despite what  conservative liars  say, there simply is no  government  or  media  textbook   conspiracy . ]


“The purpose of the [government] education system is NOT to inform”


Virginia School Accused Of Making Students Perform Pro-Occupy Song


US education advocates tackle climate change sceptics


… a Chicago Public Schools ‘selective enrollment’ school, held ‘Social Justice Week’ in March, a collection of events geared towards turning students into [liberal] activists.


The cartoon represented capitalism by featuring an overweight businessman smoking a cigar while his workers were shackled.  On the communism side, the cartoon showed happy workers earning loads of cash.


N.C. Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested for Talking Badly About Obama


Mississippi Marine’s family rips school for making little brother hide Corps logo


… a high school principal prevented Oscar winner Gerald Molen from delivering his planned speech because he’s ‘a right-wing conservative.‘”


NYC principal bars students from singing ‘God Bless the USA’ at graduation



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