Government Schools & Homosexuality

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Public School – [Homosexual] Agenda


[Homosexual] Agenda in [Government] Schools


US primary school kids watch play about ‘gay penguins’


Freshman Suspended for Speaking Out Against Homosexuality

[Why is it conservatives can’t grasp the simple concept that the right to free speech in a liberal democracy extends only as far as one’s willingness to accept liberalism extends?]

[Conservatives are morons.]


A teacher’s decision to promote homosexuality in class rather than teach the approved economics curriculum – and the school district’s endorsement of that – soon will be hitting the court docket, as a complaint has been filed by a student subjected to the instructor’s ‘bullying.’


Young elementary school students should… know that sexual orientation is ‘the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender,’ according to new sexual education guidelines released Monday by a coalition of health and education groups.”


School district faces federal civil rights probe because it refused to add gay and transsexual lessons to curriculum


“… the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, proudly announced it has received a five-year grant from the CDC to establish “safe zones” in 20 schools nationwide.


Rebeca Arellano, a senior at Patrick Henry High School. was made the school’s first female homecoming king when her name was announced Friday at a pep rally.”

[I wonder what Patrick Henry would have to say about that.]


Wis. Student ‘Censored, Punished’ by School for Gay Adoption Beliefs

[Did you catch that?  Government school students are punished now for THOUGHT crimes.]


Lindevaldsen goes on to discuss the destructive effects of the homosexual lifestyle, and documents the damage to children and teens caused by the movement’s influence in the school system.”


Clearly Superintendent Starr has violated the [school] board’s policy.

[And they’re expecting Mr. Starr to be reprimanded?]



Family Group Protests High School Teacher Showing ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in Class


K-12 Students in FL Encouraged to Celebrate LGBT History Month in October


“A school district in Maine… [taught]  middle school students… about homosexual foreplay during what was supposed to be a ‘Diversity Day’ presentation.”



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