Spending – Medicare

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High Level Of Waste In Health Spending, Says Medicare And Medicaid Boss


[Obviously, then, what we need is even more of the same.  This is so obvious.  Why can’t conservatives see it?]


Medicare and Social Security Total 50 Percent of Budget by 2030



Medicare spending is growing faster than the rest of the federal budget


Medicare shortfall is driving federal deficit spending


The number of workers per Medicare beneficiary is falling


Longer life expectancy means longer enrollment in Medicare


In projecting Medicare’s cost, more realistic assumptions show an even worse outlook


The burden of Medicare spending on American households is rising


American taxpayers can’t afford the Medicare status quo


Medicare benefits are paid for by working Americans


Seniors receive more in Medicare benefits than they pay in


Cutting provider payments to lower Medicare costs will hurt access



Some hospitals pay thousands of dollars more than others for big-ticket medical devices such as defibrillators and hip replacements, and a portion of the higher costs could be passed on to the federal Medicare program, a new government report says.



Competitive bidding can help solve Medicare’s fiscal crisis



Medicare Shortfall: $38.6 Trillion over 75 years — $328K Per Household



Medicare is wasting more than $8 billion on an experimental program that rewards providers of mediocre health care and is unlikely to produce useful results, federal investigators say in a new report.



Nonpartisan gov’t auditors rebuke Medicare bonuses



Medicare’s cash position makes Enron’s business model look downright reputable.



… the current system of linking star ratings to bonus payments and rebate adjustments instituted by [Obamacare] (and expanded by the CMS Quality Bonus Payment Demonstration) fails to achieve that goal, and depending on its specific implementation, may even be counterproductive.



Medicare And Medicaid Fraud Is Costing Taxpayers Billions



Premium Support:

Medicare reform is inevitable because its demands on the federal budget are unsustainable.  The question is whether Congress will extend the premium support model to the rest of Medicare or pursue a radical approach that either ignores the existing problems until the program collapses or forces all Americans, seniors and non-seniors alike, into a national, government-run, European-style health care system.



The Top Five Flawed Arguments Against Premium Support



In a new study, up to half – or more – of older adults on Medicare who had a heart, lung, stomach or bladder test had the same procedure repeated within three years.  Those tests typically aren’t supposed to be routinely repeated, researchers said.




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