“Green” Spending

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Labor Dept. Program Spends $121,000 Per Green Job



Taxpayers Take [Massive] Hit as Layoffs, Bankruptcies Plague Green Firms



Federal government spent nearly $70 billion on ‘climate change activities’ since 2008



During that time the Defense Department spent nearly $4 billion on energy efficiency and climate change activities.”



End the DoD’s Green Energy Fuelishness



Public Transit:

… despite more than $500 billion in subsidies to public transit since 1970, the average urban resident rode [public] transit fewer times in 2011 than in 1970.  One reason why subsidies are ineffective at improving transportation is that most of those subsidies are captured by non-users, including increased profits for construction firms and increased pay and benefits for transportation workers.



… streetcars are slower, less flexible, less capable of moving large numbers of people, and far more expensive than buses.


[ASND thinks that makes streetcars perfect, therefore, for federal subsidies.]


Pecan Street is funded by a $10.4 million grant [of your money] from [Obama’s] Energy Department…


[ASND recommends our  Electric Cars  page for more information on the Chevy Volt.]



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