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Homosexuals In Their Own Words:

Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage



[We] homosexuals must suppress who [we] really are, at least in public.


‘Gays Against the Gay Agenda’ (G.A.G.A.) Says Homosexuals ‘Are Being Used to Further a [left-wing] Agenda’… consistent with countless accounts of homosexual victimization, molestation and recruitment we have received or reported on over the years.



[Some Republicans] insist that there is a ‘conservative argument’ to be made for same-sex marriage.  Does a conservative rationale really exist?  I am [homosexual], and try as I may, I find the argument implausible…  Far from leading to smaller government, redefining marriage rolls out the red carpet to eventual nearly limitless intrusion in our lives.  In the same way no-fault divorce has been a disaster for the most vulnerable in society, altering the definition of marriage will result in devastating consequences for children and family life.



[Homosexual] French Mayor Explains Why He’s against [Homosexual] Marriage



[Homosexual] columnist: let’s face it, we want to indoctrinate children



Homosexual Walter Lee Hampton on Man-Boy Sex (‘[Homosexual]’ Pederasty):                “I Would Not Let My Teenage Sons Around [Homosexual] Men!



This Is Child Abuse, Progressive Style



Kids Need Both Mom and Dad, Says [Homosexual] Man Opposed to [Homosexual] Marriage


… &

Kids Need a Mom and Dad, Says Openly [Homosexual] Adoptive Parent



[Homosexual] Tea Party Founder: If We Redefine Marriage, ‘We’re Going to Redefine Children



An Astonishing Message from a [homosexual] Sister in Christ

To those of you who would change the church to accept the gay community and its lifestyle: you give us no hope at all.



Homosexual Doctor, Stephen Goldstone: Anal Sex Like a ‘Battering Ram’ for which Your ‘Sphincter Is No Match



“Rep. Matt Salmon’s son defended his father a few days after the Arizona Republican said he did not support same-sex marriage even though his son is [homosexual].”



… who was telling the truth in 2008?  [Homosexual] rights advocates said there was no conspiracy to force homosexuality into public schools, intimidate clergy, exploit youth, recruit [homosexual], foist [homosexual] adoptions on America, meddle in religious education policy, or dictate beliefs to others.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that have happened since 2008.



… disagreeing with us [homosexuals] makes us kill ourselves.



‘Duck Dynasty’ Uproar Divides Homosexual Conservatives






In Their Own Words: The Homosexual Agenda



The article and book have frequently been cited by conservatives as the blueprint for how homosexual activists would ultimately successfully ‘market’ homosexuality to the American public…



That conclusion has nothing to do with bigotry and everything to do with what’s best for children and society.  Just ask pro-[homosexual], liberal democrat David Blankenhorn.



Why Homosexual Marriage Signals the End of Heterosexual Rights


[For those who don’t know, Greg Quinlan — a former homosexual — is president                 of  PFOX .]


Shocking New Study Suggests Disagreeing With Homosexual, Trans People Not Same As Hating Them


[What makes good satire good is its capacity to reveal painful truths using humor.]


Just The Science, Mam:

[W]ith respect to sexuality, does biology prevail [to liberals]?  Or is culture or personal preference the main factor?…  [Homosexual] activists [all of whom are also politically liberal] have claimed that [unsubstantiated] evidencefrom genetics justifies their demand for a ban on therapy to change unwanted homosexual attractions.  But leaving aside the [falsities] of their scientific claims [ASND recommends  this page  for further — truly scientific research falsifying those claims], one must ask, Why is the client — in only this one type of case — not entitled to seek therapy for his own purposes?  Would the same [liberal] activists also ban therapy to increase such attractions?  What about the bisexual man who would genuinely prefer to just be [homosexual]?  Or straight?  The conveniently loose relationship [liberal] activists have with science means that they won’t often be confronted with evidence that requires them to adopt a coherent position.



[S]everal studies show… that, despite massive social changes to their [own] liking, epidemiologically, [homosexuals] aren’t faring any better today than they were decades ago.  Rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and risky behaviors are no lower and in some cases may be even higher.
And this is not just an American phenomenon.  The Netherlands and Sweden, nations years ahead of America in legalizing same-sex marriage, show similar ‘unbearable statistics’ regarding men married to men in comparison to men married to women…
[I]t’s not just a mental illness gap, either.  [Homosexual] men of all ages everywhere show higher rates of physical illnesses, too: cardiovascular disease, cancer, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, allergies, asthma — all in addition to the already known disproportionately high levels of STDs. Relationship problems, career problems, money problems — you name it…
Ron Citlau, who has struggled with same-sex attraction all his life [has entered this messy medical milleu]… sees [homosexuality] as a symptom of misformed sexual identity… [and] recommends a combination of therapy rooted in biblical psychology and Christ-based friendships situated in what he calls cruciform community…  He speaks from hard experience…  [but] Citlau is now happily married and father to four sons.  But neither he nor [some psychiatrists who recognize the glaringly  anti-scientific position  of the American Psychiatric Association on homosexuality] sets heterosexuality as a goal for the same-sex attracted. Rather, the goal is a healthy, integrated sexual identity… [Citlau’s and others’ successes in treatment were achieved because they recognized and acknowledged the scientific realities that] same-sex and complementary-sex relationships aren’t exactly the same [and] that all loves aren’t the same [either] [leading to the obvious conclusion that homosexuals’ ongoing physical and psychological] ills [are the] result of doing life, love, and sex in ways counter to sexual realities [i.e. counter to science].”



Study debunks claim that high LGBT suicide rates are due to ‘homophobia’


… &

“[A] number of celebrity [and mainstream, left wing media] figures have… accused pastors and Christian leaders of inspiring teens to bully [homosexuals]…  These accusations can be rebutted by examining the incidents themselves, the known religious affiliations of all parties involved, the lack of cause and effect links in these cases, and what polls have to say about what does and does not influence modern teens.



Homosexuality Facts and Fiction






Same-Sex Science
We are told [by left wing ideologues, including many with scientific credentials] that homosexual persons are just as psychologically healthy as heterosexuals, that sexual orientation is biologically determined at birth, that sexual orientation cannot be changed and that the attempt to change it is necessarily harmful, that homosexual relationships are equivalent to heterosexual ones in all important characteristics, and that personal identity is properly and legitimately constituted around sexual orientation… [However…] A recent research synthesis by Gary Gates of the Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA Law School dedicated to sexual-orientation law and public policy, suggests that among adults in the United States, Canada, and Europe, [only] 1.8 percent are bisexual men and women, [only] 1.1 percent are [homosexual] men, and [only] 0.6 percent are lesbians… This infrequency makes it hard to find participants for research studies, leading researchers to study easy-to-access groups of persons (such as visible participants in advocacy groups) who may not be representative of the broader homosexual population…

[Once that broader population actually *is* analyzed statistically, however…] One of the most exhaustive studies ever conducted, published in 2001 in the American Journal of Public Health and directed by researchers from Harvard Medical School, concludes that ‘homosexual orientation . . . is associated with a general elevation of risk for anxiety, mood, and substance-use disorders and for suicidal thoughts and plans.’ Other and more recent studies have found similar correlations, including studies from the Netherlands, one of the most [homosexual]-affirming social contexts in the world.  Depression and substance abuse are found to be on average 20 to 30 percent more prevalent among homosexual persons.  Teens manifesting same-sex attraction report suicidal thoughts and attempts at double to triple the rate of other teens.  Similar indicators of diminished physical health emerge in this literature… [Of course…

Social stigma is the popular explanation [for that litany of maladies and…] The correlation between social stigma and psychological problem is real, but the empirical case for the first causing the second has yet to be [scientifically] made… There are [also] many… studies and a lot of actual evidence… support[ing] theories attributing same-sex sexual orientation to family dysfunction or trauma… Recent studies show that familial, cultural, and other environmental factors contribute to same-sex attraction.  Broken families, absent fathers, older mothers, and being born and living in urban settings all are associated with homosexual experience or attraction.  Even that most despised [by liberals] of hypothesized causal contributors, childhood sexual abuse, has recently received significant empirical validation as a partial contributor from a sophisticated thirty-year longitudinal study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior…

[Regarding… t]he [liberal-]ballyhooed genetic effect [on homosexuality, after a second, more rigorous study by the same researcher who originally proposed the ‘[homosexual] gene’ theory based on a twin study, the supposed genetic effect]… shrunk considerably, a fact that failed, of course, to capture any [mainstream liberal] media attention and is often left out of the textbook treatments of the subject.  In 2010, an impressive and much larger study utilizing the Swedish Twin Registry produced almost identical results: Among the 71 pairs of identical male twins of whom at least one twin was [homosexual], in only seven cases (9.8 percent) was the second twin also [homosexual], yet another statistically insignificant result… 

But the search for a genetic mechanism [behind homosexuality] continues, using a more statistically powerful calculation, that of heritability… [and] The best recent studies consistently generate heritability estimates for male homosexuality of 30 to 50 percent… But what do heritability estimates of 30 to 50 percent mean?…  Contrary to the assumptions of many social conservatives, biology does appear to play a modest part in determining sexual orientation.  Contrary to the assumptions of many social progressives, psychological and environmental variables also appear to play at least a modest part in determining sexual orientation.  In contrast to the hubris of those prone to making emphatic pronouncements, what we do not yet know about the causation of sexual orientation dwarfs the bit that we are beginning to know… [but we do know that] contrary to the suggestions of some, the involvement of some biological influence does not prove that change in sexual orientation is impossible… 

The Public Affairs website of the American Psychological Association for many years stated, ‘Can therapy change sexual orientation?  No,’ and insisted that homosexuality ‘is not changeable.’ But has science proven this?  Not at all; rather, [left wing ideologues with Ph.Ds in psychology] have dismissed evidence of the possibility of change for some on the basis of such studies being methodologically inadequate by post hoc and artificially stringent standards… [So…] Is sexual orientation immutable?… [In one published, peer-reviewed study never examined by the APA]… On average, statistically significant decreases in homosexual orientation was reported… while a smaller but still significant increase of heterosexual attraction was reported…  The attempt to change orientation was not found to lead to increases in psychological distress on average; indeed, the study found several small significant improvements in psychological distress associated with the interventions…  Most of those seeking change and most of those who actually attain some level of change are highly religiously committed, and these individuals who believe in a God who intervenes in their lives are embedded in communities of care and are motivated by their core understanding of who they are as a person before God… [So] homosexual orientation is, contrary to the supposed consensus, sometimes mutable…

Are homosexual relationships equivalent to heterosexual ones?… [Hardly.]… [O]ne large study… found that 28 percent of lesbians had had sex outside their primary relationship—comparable to the 21 percent of women in relationships with men and 26 percent of men in relationships with women.  By contrast, 82 percent of [homosexual] men had had sex with someone other than their main partner…  [Another] study… found that over a five-year period, 7 percent of married heterosexual couples broke up, compared with 14 percent of cohabiting male couples and 16 percent of cohabiting lesbian couples.  They also summarize, without mentioning specific numbers, a more representative study from Norway and Sweden, which have sanctioned same-sex partnerships since the 1990s, reporting ‘that the rate of dissolution within five years of entering a legal union is higher among same-sex partnerships than among heterosexual marriages, with lesbian couples having the highest rates of dissolution’… [which means that homosexual] male relationships are 50 percent more likely to break up than heterosexual marriages, while lesbian relationships are 167 percent more likely to break up than heterosexual marriages…

[Regarding  t]he small bit of research that exists [on the rates of children raised in homosexual-parented homes growing up to be homsexuals themselves] suggests increased rates of same-sex orientation among the children of such couples; [Apparently homosexual] parenting approximately triples or quadruples the rate of same-sex attraction.  It may be technically true that ‘the vast majority of these children eventually grow up to be heterosexual,’ but only because if being raised by same-sex parents increases the occurrence of same-sex attraction from 2 percent to 8 percent, 92 percent are still heterosexual.  But a fourfold increase is still a sizable effect statistically…

Has empirical science established homosexual identity as positive and legitimate? [Liberals, of course,] would claim so…  There indeed are persons who organize their lives around their sexual orientation.  But to claim for all human persons that ‘sexual orientation encompasses an individual’s sense of personal and social identity’ is remarkable both conceptually and scientifically.  I cannot conceive of data comprehensive enough to support this claim.  And how does science establish that such a grounding of human identity is ‘positive‘?  Science may be able to contribute valuable evidence about the association of such identities with certain measurable functional realities of life, such as whether such individuals experience heightened levels of emotional distress, report levels of self-esteem comparable to those of others, and so forth. But how did science become the arbiter of what is positive?… [Homosexuality]-affirming psychologies necessarily embody extrascientific moral and ethical deliberations that raise the potential of conflict with religious beliefs, precisely because the very act of giving priority to organismic congruence is a religious and ethical choice…  The social sciences do not contain within themselves adequate resources to adjudicate among conflicting ways of understanding the good. Individual scientists, stepping beyond their professional bounds, may declare homosexual orientation positive, normal, and legitimate, but such science cannot make this judgment.  Such judgments are the domain of religion, theology, and philosophy.  The twin claims that science conclusively establishes that sexual orientation grounds human identity and that psychology as a science establishes the legitimacy of such a claim are too far a reach.
Stanton L. Jones, Ph.D, (Psychology)



… partnered [homosexual] men are [actually] wealthier than any other [U.S.] demographic…


… &

… the study shows that [homosexuals as a group] are significantly better off [financially] than heterosexuals.


… &

Why Homosexuals Have So Much Influence on Our Culture


[In large part because they are, as a group, so much more wealthy — i.e. “privileged” — than everyone they criticize for being their “oppressors“.]

[And what is the result of “so much influence on our culture“?]

Homosexual-Affirming Culture Fosters Same-Sex Abuse



[Homosexual] Activists Won’t Settle for Anything Less Than Absolute Political Domination
They won’t be satisfied until they’re fully convinced in their own hearts and consciences that homosexuality is as morally good and beautiful as they preach it is.
But they’ve got one huge barrier to overcome before they get there.  Moral truth  is still moral truth, and homosexuality is still wrong.




CDC: Only 2% of Population Are Men Who Have Sex With Men



CDC: 62% of Men Who Know They’re HIV Positive Have Unprotected Sex With Men



The Numbers Game: What Percentage of the Population is [Homosexual]?



Born That Way?:

Th[is] investigation estimates a genetic contribution to same-sex sexual behavior as under 1 percent…  Genetic influences on same-sex sexual behavior are highly polygenic and are not specific to [genetic influence].”


… &

This study provides the clearest glimpse yet into the genetic underpinnings of same-sex sexual behavior…  It… underscores an important role for the environment in shaping human sexual behavior…


… &

Huge Scientific Study Demolishes a Favorite Homosexuality Myth


… &

There Is No ‘[Homosexuality] Gene,’ Comprehensive 2019 Scientific Study Finds



Is There a [Homosexuality] Gene?  Short answer: No



While Liberals Almost Universally Think Same-Sex Attraction Is Fixed, Science Has Proven It Isn’t
‘They’ve already lost the scientific battle, and so they’ve taken it to the legislative front to enforce their [anti-scientific, fascistic] views.’



A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the “[Homosexuality] Gene”



BORN [Homosexual]?  Nope.


… &

“Born that way” Theory & Change Processes



Why the “Born This Way” Argument Fails



Being homosexual is only partly due to [homosexuality] gene, research finds
Study finds that while [homosexual] men share similar genetic make-up, it only accounts for 40 per cent of chance of a man being homosexual




Trayce L. Hansen, Ph.D.



[C]urrent data show that the suicide rate of LGBT youth is significantly higher than that of straight kids… and this disparity hasn’t changed in forty years.  Despite the rainbow tsunami that has swept over the collective consciousness of the West during the past half-century, people with homosexual tendencies apparently still experience as much internal conflict as they did when the majority of people believed their behavior to be as perverse as incest or open marriage…  Though she tries, [Dr. Ann Haas, senior consultant for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention] can’t really blame the psychological dissonance in LGBT people on the oppressiveness of the ambient religious culture, when that culture is neither religious nor oppressive to them, and she admits this…  Of course, many [lying, left wing] pundits still try to get more mileage out of the bullying ‘explanation’, especially when they can blame conservatives and religious believers for the bullying…  Far from warning about damnation, many Christians are reluctant even to suggest that any sexual behavior could be immoral, out of fear of being labeled haters and bigots…  Thus, labeling  Evangelicals as sanctimonious nemeses of benevolent-but-victimized LGBT individuals just isn’t tenable anymore…   Maybe there is another explanation [for the incredibly high LGBT suicide rate, which is about five times that of heterosexuals].  Maybe the reason why LGBT people of all ages are still so deeply conflicted and so prone to suicide despite living in an affirming culture is that, way down deep in that place where conscience is still impervious to culture, they know that they’re behaving in a way that violates their essence as human beings…  If our physical appetites are not governed by the will to do what is right, then indulging them, and attempting to rationalize our indulgence, can eventually cause us to lose our capacity to know the difference between right and wrong altogether…  A virtuous and ultimately fulfilling life is one in which the rightly formed human will, or conscience, controls and governs the animal urges.  To be increasingly guided by a well-formed conscience is to learn to live up to one’s full humanity…  The message LGBT youth (and everyone else) need to hear is, ‘I know you have bad sexual urges. Many people do in one way or another. That doesn’t mean you’re any worse or better than anyone else.  It means you’re a human being. I care about you, and I want you to learn self-control so that you can grow into a well-adjusted, morally upright adult and help others do the same.’



Homosexuality & Race:

[Liberals, including many Republicans] would have us believe that the homosexual struggle for a redefinition of marriage puts them in the same category as my [black] ancestors.  However, they would rather you didn’t take a closer look, lest you see how flimsy the comparison turns out to be.



Civil Rights Activist: ‘No Comparison’ Between Civil Rights, [Homosexual] Rights Movement



Why [Homosexual] Is Not the New Black



Sexual Orientation and Reason:
On the Implications of False Beliefs about Homosexuality




Religion, Reason, and Same-Sex Marriage Faulty reasoning behind the claim that opposition to [homosexual] marriage is an irrational prejudice.



Is Tolerance a Virtue?



Deconstructing Liberal Tolerance



Story of homosexual refused tip yet another hoax



Willow Creek Church Is Not Anti-[Homosexual], Pastor Clarifies


[This was also an interesting claim by homosexuals considering that just a few weeks prior, the same church, led by the same pastor, discontinued its affiliation with   Exodus International . ]



‘Data’ supposedly proving rampant discrimination against LGBT people are characteristically weak, plagued by statistically invalid sample sizes and obviously politicized conclusions.  In reality, there is little, statistically valid, peer-reviewed research evidence that chronic, repetitive, and intense discrimination based on sexual orientation remains a health issue in the U.S.



As in the past, the numbers revealed that nationally you are more likely to be the victim of a hate crime if you are black or religious (Jewish being the most dangerous at 887 incidences of hate crimes out of 1,322) than if you identify as homosexual.



Debunking the argument that mental and physical problems occur because of “discrimination” against homosexuals



No one is denied marriage because of sexuality (or lack of it).



ENDA [a.k.a. The “Equality” Act]:

[Homosexuals] admit ENDA game: Outlaw Christian morality


[For more on The “Equality” Act, see  this page .]


Homosexuality in Animals:

We’ve never seen anything remotely like homosexuality in chimpanzees.

Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist


Matthew Shepard:

Matthew Shepard Narrative Challenged in New Book



Have We Got Matthew Shepard All Wrong?
A new book argues that America’s most notorious hate crime was not a hate crime at all.


[That article was published in the most widely-read pro-homosexual-special-rights magazine in the U.S.]


Media Almost Totally Ignore Book Claiming Matthew Shepard Murder Wasn’t a Hate Crime



‘Uncomfortable truth’ in Matthew Shepard’s death



… the [new] study shows that [homosexuals as a group] are significantly better off [financially] than heterosexuals.



[The propaganda film produced by The Human Rights Campaign] is currently being used in Welcoming Schools trainings across the country…



Rating American Workplaces on Lesbian, [Homosexual], Bisexual and                  Transgender Equality




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