Hollywood & Objective Evil

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And The Most Evil Show on Television Is…


[Was, in 2010-11.  See below for several new contenders.]


The 19-year-old [Angus T. Jones], who reportedly earns $350,000 an episode, even urges fans to stop watching.



Children exposed to sex on screen ‘go on to be promiscuous’



What Are the Most Dangerous Shows Your Kids Are Watching Without You?



‘Good Christian Bi—-s’ comes to primetime



Research over the past few decades has shown that viewing physical violence in the media can increase aggression in adults and children.



In their report, the commission wrote that aside from being sources of imitation, violent images — such as scenes in movies… act as triggers for activating aggressive thoughts and feelings already stored in memory.  If these aggressive thoughts and feelings are activated over and over again because of repeated exposure to media violence, they become chronically accessible, and thus more likely to influence behavior.




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