Hollywood & Children


Watching sex scenes in Hollywood films can make children more promiscuous and sexually active from a younger age, a new study has suggested.



“Exposure to sexual content in movies leads teenagers to have sex earlier and to participate in riskier sexual behavior, a[nother] study has confirmed…”



Cartoons Filled with Adult Content



In their report, the commission wrote that aside from being sources of imitation, violent images — such as scenes in movies… act as triggers for activating aggressive thoughts and feelings already stored in memory.  If these aggressive thoughts and feelings are activated over and over again because of repeated exposure to media violence, they become chronically accessible, and thus more likely to influence behavior.



Profanity in TV and Video Games Linked to Teen Aggression



Reality TV Creating Mean Girls?



Politically potent Hollywood escapes heavy scrutiny in wake of shooting


[ASND reminds readers, though, that Hollywood is only “politically potent” with one America’s two major political parties.]


11-year-old girl shoots sister in head with shotgun while ‘playing CSI’: police



Movies may increase binge drinking in teens



Research over the past few decades has shown that viewing physical violence in the media can increase aggression in adults and children.



The Lorax proves to be a bonanza at the box office, and for liberal groups wanting to indoctrinate children



… this movie… might be one more window on how the people [Christians] are called to love view [them; that is how liberals view Christians].



Hollywood’s Pedophilia Priorities: Catholic Priests, not Woody Allen




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