Death Penalty

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Studies: Death Penalty Discourages Crime,2933,280215,00.html

… &

Whatever you may think about the death penalty, it has the lowest recidivism rate of any of the ways of fighting crime.

Thomas Sowell, Ph.D. (Economics)

[For those who don’t know, Thomas Sowell is a  black American hero . ]


Fact Suppression and the Subversion of Capital Punishment:

What Death Penalty Foes on the Supreme Court and in the Media Do Not Want the Public to Know


The Death Penalty Is Pro-Life.  And Those Who Oppose It Usually Aren’t.


Oregon Governor Bans Death Penalty, Calling It ‘Morally Wrong’

Then, just a few days later, check this out…

A condemned inmate who was scheduled to be executed next month is now slamming [the same Oregon] Gov. John Kitzhaber for giving him a reprieve, saying the governor didn’t have the guts to carry out the execution.”


How ‘civilized’ is a society that places so little value on the lives of the innocents that it sacrifices them on the altar of preserving what it deems the precious lives of convicted barbaric murderers?


Americans should be able to declare what they want the state to do on their behalf if they are murdered.


Federal Death Penalty Reinstated Under Trump
Meet The First 5 CHILD KILLERS Scheduled to Die


The Real War on Women



What Does The Bible Say About Capital Punishment?


Should Christians support the death penalty?


The Ethics of Capital Punishment


Should governments have the right to carry out capital punishment?  What does Scripture teach regarding the government’s right to take someone’s life as a punishment?  For what crimes should capital punishment apply?


Christian Critics of the Death Penalty Have Given Up on Both Scripture & Logic


Even among those professing Christian faith, there is widespread opposition to the death penalty… [and] Debates about capital punishment [even among professing Christians] usually play to the emotions [rather than to biblical imperatives or sociological (i.e. scientific, data-driven indicatives)]… [A death penalty] abolitionist will remain an abolitionist based on passionate [i.e. emotional] ideological commitments [rather than empirically verifiable realities].  Statistics will not change any bias that is rooted in deep-seated [emotional] convictions.  Above and beyond any statistical verification, abolitionists choose to ignore the obvious implication of the death penalty — namely, that it eliminates the possibility of the convict repeating his capital offense.  This consideration is fully aside from the $600,000 cost of imprisoning a convict for life…  Christian opponents of the death penalty frequently cite the lifting of the Mosaic code (which sanctioned the death penalty) as evidence of the nonbinding nature of all Pentateuchal legislation (including Genesis 9).  The affirmation of a life-for-life policy with regard to premeditated murderers in Genesis 9, however, predates the Mosaic code and commands universal respect for the sanctity of human life; it is not limited to theocratic Israel…  Opponents of the death penalty are quick to cite the potential for executing an innocent person.  The fact that potential for error exists in the criminal justice system is undeniable.  Yet no domain of our legal system is predicated on a zero-percent chance of error; the system is indeed fallible.  This is not to say, however, that the system is not workable.  Fallible people work nevertheless for just results…  Those who contend that capital punishment is barbaric are incapable of morally distinguishing between punishment and criminal acts themselves…  Absent of moral standards, the courts and the criminal justice system languish under the whims of [left-wing] activist judges and the psychotherapeutic elite, at the utter expense of bona fide social justice…   [So] Does the fear of death deter?…  [While other articles cited here deal with those data, the fact that t]he refusal of witnesses to testify, for fear of being eliminated themselves, is… undoubtedly one of the biggest problems [law enforcement officials] face…  If capital punishment does not serve to deter the potential murderer, the abolitionist will thus need to acknowledge the grim reality that neither will any other form of punishment…  If, for the sake of argument, capital punishment is implemented under the mistaken notion that it deters, the lives of convicted murderers are lost.  If, on the other hand, capital punishment is abolished due to the mistaken belief that it does not deter, then innocent lives — indeed, many lives both within and without the prison system — are lost…  To suggest that the ultimate human crime should not be met with the ultimate punishment at the hands of the civil authorities is not ‘compassion’ as some would have it; rather, it is moral prostitution of the highest order.  If a person cannot be made to answer for a capital crime, then everything in the world is arbitrary and nothing is certain.


In  Matthew 15:1-9  (and in  Mark 7:1-13 ) Christ accused the religious leaders of the day of also opposing the [death penalty for] those deserving of death — rebellious teenagers.  They had replaced the commandments of God with their own traditions.   God has never been interested in controlling the means of violence.  He has always made it a point to punish, and where possible, restore (as with restitution and excommunication) the wrongdoer.  Control of individuals is to be left to self-government.  Punishment of individuals by the civil government is to be carried out when self-government breaks down…  Let us consider also that the  Sixth Commandment  tells us ‘Thou shall not murder.’  In the chapters following, God gave to Moses many of the situations which require a death penalty.  God clearly has not told us never to kill.  He has told us not to murder, which means we are not to take an innocent life.  Consider also that the civil magistrate is to  be a terror  to those who practice evil.  This passage does not in any way imply that the role of law enforcement is to prevent crimes or to protect individuals from criminals.  The magistrate is a minister to serve as ‘an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil‘ (Romans 13:4).

[ASND is well aware of the unfortunate fact that several  outdated  and  occasionally  inaccurate  translations of the Bible — including the  King James  version (KJV) — do not properly translate the Hebrew word “ratsach” as “murder” in  Exodus 20:13 , cited above (translating it, instead, incorrectly as “kill“; the New King James, version, though,  corrects  that error.).  It remains an ongoing, crying shame that many professing Christians are unaware of this fact.]



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