Death Penalty

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Studies: Death Penalty Discourages Crime,2933,280215,00.html


Fact Suppression and the Subversion of Capital Punishment:

What Death Penalty Foes on the Supreme Court and in the Media Do Not Want the Public to Know


The Death Penalty Is Pro-Life.  And Those Who Oppose It Usually Aren’t.


Oregon Governor Bans Death Penalty, Calling It ‘Morally Wrong’

Then, just a few days later, check this out…

A condemned inmate who was scheduled to be executed next month is now slamming [the same Oregon] Gov. John Kitzhaber for giving him a reprieve, saying the governor didn’t have the guts to carry out the execution.”


How ‘civilized’ is a society that places so little value on the lives of the innocents that it sacrifices them on the altar of preserving what it deems the precious lives of convicted barbaric murderers?


Americans should be able to declare what they want the state to do on their behalf if they are murdered.


Federal Death Penalty Reinstated Under Trump
Meet The First 5 CHILD KILLERS Scheduled to Die


The Real War on Women



What Does The Bible Say About Capital Punishment?


Should Christians support the death penalty?


The Ethics of Capital Punishment


Should governments have the right to carry out capital punishment?  What does Scripture teach regarding the government’s right to take someone’s life as a punishment?  For what crimes should capital punishment apply?


Christian Critics of the Death Penalty Have Given Up on Both Scripture & Logic



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