Crime & Punishment

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The Decriminalization Delusion
America doesn’t have an incarceration problem — it has a crime problem.




Culture — Not Race — Determines Many Crime Stats


Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist?

No: the high percentage of blacks behind bars reflects crime rates, not bigotry.


Five Myths of the ‘Racist’ Criminal Justice System

[Mr. Elder, for those who don’t know, is a black American hero.]


Gang Activity is Increasing ‘Potential for Terrorism-Related Events’ But [Obama’s] FBI Planed to Shut Down Gang Intelligence Center



A controversial program using Christian teachings to try turn around the lives of hundreds of Minnesota prison inmates is working, according to a new report from the Department of Corrections.

[Ok, so once again, ASND simply asks, “If it works so well, why is it ‘controversial‘?]


After looking at the data, [it became obvious] that crime is caused by the lack of moral training in the morally formative years.  Now, that may seem obvious to you, but back in the 1980s, no social scientist was saying that.  The common refrain was that crime was caused by poverty, racism, and social and environmental factors.


[liberals] did not pay much attention to character.   The Marxists looked at material forces.  Darwinians at the time treated people as isolated products of competition.  Policy makers… thought about how to rearrange economic incentives.  ‘It is as if it were a mark of sophistication for us to shun the language of morality in discussing the problems of mankind,’ [Wilson] once recalled.


[Typical slack-jawed conservative gobbledegook.  Data are useless unless they confirm prejudice.  The only thing that ever matters are feelings !]

[ Conservatives   are   morons .]

[Oh, David Brooks is a liberal?]

[Sorry.  Our bad.]



In a clear example of ‘win-win;’ for every dollar Hawaii spends on HOPE, it saves three dollars.  And communities are safer.  This is the kind of smart approach that Justice Fellowship has been advocating for years.  It begins with a biblical, clear-eyed view of human nature.  It holds offenders accountable without adding to prison overcrowding. HOPE’s success has caused other jurisdictions to be willing to embrace this alternative to incarceration.


Evidence Does Not Support Three-Strikes Law as Crime Deterrent, California Study Finds


North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of ‘Leisure’–abc-news.html


Hate Crimes:


As in the past, the numbers revealed that nationally you are more likely to be the victim of a hate crime if you are black or religious (Jewish being the most dangerous at 887 incidences of hate crimes out of 1,322) than if you identify as homosexual.


Colorado Lesbians Face Charges For Faking Hate Crime


“…the term ‘Islamophobia’ is a politically manipulative coinage designed to intimidate critics of Islamic supremacism and jihad into silence… in fact, FBI statistics show that there is no ‘Islamophobia.’ In fact, many ‘anti-Muslim hate crimes’ have been faked by Muslims, and Jews are eight times more likely than Muslims to be the victims of hate attacks.”


Created Hate Crimes / Bigotry in Reverse!


Care for Aging Inmates Puts Strain on Prisons


Conditions in U.S. Supermax Prison Better Than Most in Europe, European Court of Human Rights Finds


Prison Works


The Theological Foundation of Law



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