Abortion Regulations & Policies

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It’s only murder if I wanted the baby




Over the past three decades the world has come to witness an ominous and entirely new form of gender discrimination: sex-selective feticide, implemented through the practice of surgical abortion with the assistance of information gained through prenatal gender determination technology.  All around the world, the victims of this new practice are overwhelmingly female — in fact, almost universally female.  The practice has become so ruthlessly routine in many contemporary societies that it has impacted their very population structures, warping the balance between male and female births and consequently skewing the sex ratios for the rising generation toward a biologically unnatural excess of males.  This still-growing international predilection for sex-selective abortion is by now evident in the demographic contours of dozens of countries around the globe — and it is sufficiently severe that it has come to alter the overall sex ratio at birth of the entire planet, resulting in millions upon millions of new ‘missing baby girls’ each year.  In terms of its sheer toll in human numbers, sex-selective abortion has assumed a scale tantamount to a global war against baby girls.



Scotland Yard launches investigation into doctors who agreed to illegal abortions of baby girls



Sex-Selection Abortion Used in US, Already Skewing Gender Ratio



Fetal Subtraction

Sex selection in the United States.



America’s Male Only Child Policy?

Where are all of the girls?



Under attack…again

Crisis pregnancy centers are facing a new campaign to smear and silence them



Study Claiming Pro-Life Laws Lead to Clinic Violence is Junk Science



Study About “Turnaway” Women Denied Abortions Contains Big Flaws



Study Claiming Pro-Life Laws Hurt Women Rejected as Bogus



Why Do Teen Girls Need Parental Consent for Tanning But Not an Abortion?



Three Legal Reasons Why Abortion Should be Banned



Study: Pro-Life Parental Notification Laws Reduce Abortions 15%




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