Abortion Criminals?

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Pro-lifers have unintentionally sowed the seeds of injustice by exempting mothers who get abortions from prosecution.


[Read the whole article.  Read it.   All of it.  Then come back and tell us how wrong we are.]


Babies Are Murdered Here



Baby in trash in upper Manhattan was killed; young mom charged with “self-abortion”


[Once again, ASND simply asks, “Why?  What on Earth is the difference between killing your own baby and paying someone else to do it for you?”]


Colorado Theater Shooter Won’t be Charged for Killing Unborn Baby


[Well DUHHH !   Killing something that isn’t even a)  alive or  b)  a person  in the first place should never be classified as criminal.]


Pregnant woman, 32, charged with manslaughter after unborn baby dies in DUI crash


[Just so we all understand what happened here, ASND reminds readers that if Ms. Stair had intentionally killed her child in utero, she would not, and could not, be charged with any crime – least of all murder (which, in case we’ve forgotten, is the intentional killing of an innocent human being).]


Fourth-Trimester Abortion



Infanticide, Canadian Style



Pro-Life Killing: An Oxymoron?

… [pro-abortionists] claim that if [anti-abortionists] believe the unborn is a human being like every other person, then killing an abortion doctor wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.




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